Fiercely Female


In recent decades, many women have been gaining confidence and starting to take control of their personal and professional lives. When empowerment and inner strength collide, the sky is your limit.


As a rising entrepreneur, I always look to people who can create abundance and flow in their lives. Growing up performing ballet at the Lincoln Center and then studying pre-med and psychology in college, I was always fully invested and devoted to my craft.


This is what I feel entrepreneurship is all about, attaining true self-mastery in the long term while helping others find their authentic selves along the way.


I have chosen three inspiring and successful entrepreneurs to interview—all who touched me personally—who motivate and uplift their clients daily.


When I considered interviewing these three brilliant women, I wanted to know what success looks like—how one matches their personal mission with a business concept and what character traits make a successful entrepreneur. I also wanted to ask what their advice was for women wishing to branch out on their own as successful entrepreneurs. Below are their answers and advice.


For anyone looking to create their own business or simply gain some understanding of how to connect your desires to manifest a reality, follow on below for some truly encouraging words of wisdom.


A quick summary of 3 brilliant ladies:


Laura Wellington is the author and founder of Thread MB, a website that has a “commitment to highlight social causes and cause-based organizations focused on healing the planet in all kinds of ways.” She also recently hosted a TEDx Talk titled, “What’s She Got That I Don’t?


Karen Neverland is the author of two books, “As Within, So Without: Love Yourself, Love the World” and “Cosmic Breath: Poetry of the Universe.” You can visit her website to learn more about her projects and follow her on Twitter @KarenNeverland.


Elizabeth Lund is the owner and founder of House of Idems, which strives “to create possibilities for everyone who wants to live off their passions and ideas.” She also posts her Spiritual Counselor videos to her YouTube channel on a weekly basis.


What is your definition of a successful entrepreneur?


LW: An individual who knows when to stop working and start living.


KN: I feel that true success is being able to live your heart’s true passions every day and to be recognized by your peers for the work you do. It takes a lot of work to become a master at something, but I have found that no matter what someone’s passion is, they can always make a living at it if they keep working toward it. This is success for me: following your heart every day.


EL: Do what you feel passionate about. To make a living on what you can’t help but doing. In my world, the main thing is that your business in an extension of your heart energy, which makes you authentic and approachable.


What is your mission and how did you know you would be pursuing it? 


LW: My mission is to “help make the world better for all.”  It became apparent to me upon the death of my first husband, when I realized how fortunate I was to be the one “left behind.”


KN: My mission is to share the love and wisdom I have learned to assist our global community in awakening into their own power. I always followed the calling of my heart and it led me into great struggle, but overall, I found myself and how I can best serve Humanity through teaching and healing.


EL: I was guided to put my focus on Rising of the Goddess, in coming home to self and the full capacity of the human experience as an aspect of father and mother god in the essence. It is about assisting women in finding themselves worthy and in complete equality to men. To reach a clear point of self-love and the experience of being of great value merely for being.


Everyone has a mission. The ideal entrepreneur is aware that a mission is simply a purpose of serving humanity in some shape or another. Tune into yourself to uncover that essence.


What character traits helped catapult your success as female entrepreneur? 


LW: I have an innate understanding of human nature and a love for people. I am extremely resilient as well as spiritual. I stay true to myself and my beliefs. I am naturally flexible and upbeat in my demeanor, and I always keep a sense of humor.


KN: I am self-motivated and organized, which are both essential to having your own business. There is no one to make you do the work and when working with a lot of people—staying organized is a must. Between these two, I was able to stumble my way through starting my own business, though there was a lot of failure along the way… So that’s the most important trait—don’t be afraid to fail and know how to pick yourself back up when you do.


EL: Being open to change, allowing myself to be in the flux (which is our reality as humans). Stagnation is the absolute worst but when it happens I seek peace in it.


What three pieces of advice do you have for women trying to “make-it” in their own business?  


LW: Realize that every mistake holds a needed lesson. Family must come first…always. Don’t make excuses, make decisions.


KN: It is possible to make an honest living following your heart, if you dedicate to it daily and never give up. Don’t worry about the money. Worry about becoming a master at whatever you do and then people will pay you for it. You will fail until you finally find your way, but all that is the foundation to building a successful life.


EL: Know that you are worthy of achieving your dreams. Listen to the depth of your being, which is the soft voice coming from your heart. Do what you feel in your heart is right for you, gain courage and just do it. If you follow your heart and passion you will succeed without a doubt.


The combination of determination and devotion that these beautifully empowered women possess towards their businesses is what ultimately drives that long-term happiness and success. What I learned most from these magnificently inspirational entrepreneurs is that fear and entrepreneurship do not mix. On the contrary, it takes so much self-confidence, self-love and self-awareness to manifest a life with abundance and true purpose, so I thank all three of them for their time and energy. For anyone who desires to create their own business, keep these tips handy and always remain authentic throughout your own personal and professional journey!



Levita Galinsky is an avid lifestyle journalist, a professional ballet dancer (trained at the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center), and a Pre-med Psychology graduate. She aims to help people live a more authentically balanced life through positive mindset exercises centering around self-expression. To connect with Levita visit her website and Facebook