Working with Many Passions: How to Find Balance and Adjust your Path


In today’s working world, discussions about following your passions and working with heart are abundant. There has been a shift in thought towards the pursuit of happiness, and a consensus that your own happiness and career aren’t mutually exclusive.


One of the primary challenges becomes finding your passion, and making work feel like an extension of your values and visions. Many people are fortunate enough to find this passion and inspiration, and the careers that follow suit.


But what happens when you’re drawn to multiple interests with the same level of inspiration and vision?


Finding Your Passion(s):


In many ways, discussions about finding your passion assume that you will find one thing that serves as your inspiration. This inspiration manifests in different ways (for some people it’s embracing a lifestyle of freelancing after a 9-5 working life), and it will often lead you to a new career path.


As a third-year college student, I am starting to think about what options may follow graduation. In college I have found the study I am truly passionate about, and every day I learn something new that makes me want to continue my exploration in the field.


Deciding to double-major was not an easy decision, and it has required consistent dedication and planning throughout my entire college career. However, when your passions and studies overlap, it’s easier to maintain motivation and interest.


I have also discovered the world of blogging, and rekindled my interest in creative writing. Through the blogging process I have learned unique skills that open careers in an area I had never previously considered. I find myself drawn to creative writing with the same vigor, balancing weekly blog posts with my undergraduate studies.


In recent years, I have also developed a passion for animal rights. In 2016, I embraced a vegan diet and lifestyle that I still uphold today, and with it an interest in activism and the incredible work of Farm Sanctuaries around the world.


I find myself drawn to these different fields with equal amounts of inspiration and curiosity, and for a while I wasn’t sure how to proceed. After many months of reflection, I learned that I could embrace all of them.


Shaping Your Interests


When I chose my path of study in college, I decided to explore my interests with aspects of the lifestyle it would lead to. This year I participated in internships that involved solo global travel, to see if a lifestyle of travel would be compatible with my interests and goals. Another aspect of double-majoring is the opportunities that it provides for you to continue in many different directions after graduating.


By exploring aspects of future paths, you can shape your interests from their broad possibilities to fit your specific passions.


At the same time, I also started to transform my blog into a business—considering ways to delve into the world of creative careers. I started to see my blog and the skills I acquired through a professional lens, and built a new resume to match.


Amid these explorations, I came across the field of animal rights work, involving both campaigns and opportunities for hands-on change.


Then came the main challenge: how could I reconcile these diverse interests and inspirations?


You Don’t Have to Choose Just One!


Contrary to what I originally thought, finding your passion doesn’t have to be the complete pursuit of and dedication to one interest. You don’t have to choose one of your interests and invest all your time and energy into the advancement of that path. Instead, you can walk multiple paths at the same time; adjusting your route as your interests change and new opportunities present themselves.


You can live a life of many passions, shifting the balance of your daily life to reflect what inspires and motivates you. You can add and change interests to your pursuit of happiness, making them a reflection of who you are and what you bring in the present moment. Let’s start a conversation about living the life you want to live!



Alyssa is a third-year student at Grinnell College with passions for plant-based living, minimalism, and intentionality. She is an animal lover, an adventurer, and a lifestyle blogger at