EnvisionWell provides the unique ability to have one resource for both work and personal. The same platform but separate for privacy and sharing.

EnvisionWell’s platform is relevant to multiple industries. 

Corporate Wellness

Intersect Work/Life for Increased Engagement

Increase Healthy Productive

Workforce & Reduce Healthcare Costs

Hospitals and Health Systems

Patient Engagement

Home Monitoring

Physician, Physical Therapists, Telemedicine and TeleWellness


Promote Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Increase Engagement with Family and Friends

Health & wellness stats in one resource

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What makes EnvisionWell platform unique?

You can use the same resource to be work health and life healthy without compromising either one. If your company provides Envision2bWell as part of their wellness offerings, then with the swipe of a button, you can see your company information ONLY and then swipe to see your PERSONAL information only.

Why is this needed and necessary?

Because your privacy is important to us as related in our values of Act with Integrity and Do the Right Thing.

A Support System

Rewards & recognition

Training & Coaching

Engagement specialist, webinars, videos

Challenges, Competitions, Friend Sharing

Feedback through survey and data

How does the EnvisionWell platform share the data?

When in the Corporate version (magenta/purple) of the app, your company does not see My Personal Body Blueprint or My Personal Health Blueprint features.

We share the aggregate data with your employer based on the goals and metrics established as part of the company’s EnvisionWell Corporate Wellness outcomes.

When in the Individual version (orange), only you have information to all features, including My Personal Body Blueprint and My Personal Health Blueprint. You can share MOST of the feature information through social media, email, and text.

Any information from My Personal Body Blueprint or My Personal Health Blueprint, which can be shared with your physician, physical therapist, trainer, or caretaker, requires a system-generated code and your approval.