DIY Make Over Time!


I need a serious make over to refresh my well-being.


As I sit and write, I am wearing pineapple yoga pants, slippers that are falling apart and a ten-year-old fleece lined sweatshirt. Oh, and then there is my hair that is in a bun and wet from the shower I took four hours ago.


I feel like my clothes are so out of style, I don’t even know where to begin. This comical post from Scary Mommy highlights some of the fashion faux pas that stay-at-home moms wear. I could totally relate to the pilling pants and fuzzy socks.


It gave me a laugh, but at the same time it made me realize that I need to get out of this rut. 


How did it get to this point?


I used to be a trend setter. I loved experimenting with new styles. But since getting married and having kids, I haven’t invested much time into developing/adapting my style. Let’s be honest, I haven’t invested any time into my look. I have been wearing the same clothes for like five to ten years. Yoga pants, tees and tanks, occasionally jeans and sweaters and knee high boots.


It has gotten worse in the last year because I shifted from full to part-time work. This change has been amazing for my family, but terrible for my wardrobe. Since I only work one day a week, I reason that I don’t need to buy any “work clothes.” And on the days that I am at home, I usually wear what I wore to bed until midday. I figure, if I am going to work out at some point during the day, I should just wear workout clothes the entire day.


It can be tempting to forsake appearance and style in the name of comfort and practicality, but that can be a slippery slope in which one day you find yourself looking like a parody of a soccer mom with a tapestry vest and high-waisted mom jeans.


Then, there’s the logistics of shopping. The thought of going shopping and trying on clothes with my kids depresses me… Just the visual images that go through my mind. The two of them looking under the stalls at other women…. fighting with each other. Believe me, I have been there. I just can’t do it. And shopping alone seems like it will never happen. My husband works a lot and when he is off, we are spending time doing household chores, or toting the kids to activities.


So, I end up primarily purchasing clothing online. My problem is that I don’t really know what is in style anymore, and the stores I used to purchase from when I was twenty-five, still sell clothing for people who are twenty-five.


Other excuses I make include: “We don’t have the money,” “I look fine,” or “My husband likes the way I look.”


Obviously, I have a problem. It is time to get my wardrobe in gear. It is time to prioritize myself and work on my well-being.


So, here’s my strategy:


Setting aside some “me time” in the morning.


On most mornings, I wake up when my kids get up at 6 a.m. Since they are little, I typically tend to their needs and lose track of time. My goal is to get them settled with an activity and a drink, and then take 5-10 minutes to myself to get changed, do my hair and some basic make-up.


Frump Fighters claims that if you don’t take time to prioritize a clean fresh appearance, it doesn’t really matter what you wear—you’ll still feel frumpy.


Purchase a few basic versatile items.


I am definitely on a budget. So, purchasing items that are flexible and reasonably priced is just smart. The bonus is that it requires less thought getting dressed in the morning. Some friends have suggested incorporating these basics into my wardrobe: black jeggings, a chunky knit cardigan, booties and a blazer. I have a few of them on order already.


Buy one or two trending pieces.


Last week, I made a quick stop at a clothing store to pick up a few things while I was out grocery shopping. Daddy was home with the kids so I knew I didn’t have a lot of time. Anyway, I am so out of style that I tried on what I thought was a long sleeve shirt but it turned out to be a romper. I didn’t realize this until I got the left thigh stuck on my waist. When I finally got it off I was too exhausted to return it back to the dressing room. I came home with three items: two of which looked exactly like things I already have in my closet. Have you ever done that? I should have planned ahead and learned a bit more about what is in style for my age group. Afterward I discovered that some of the latest trends include; metallic, animal prints, tweed, western and leather.


Build a functional wardrobe.


I desperately need to go through my closet and purge anything I haven’t worn in the past year. Some of the pieces I have owned for a decade and still fit, probably don’t fit my lifestyle anymore.


I have found some online guidelines for building a flexible wardrobe like this capsule wardrobe planning guide from UnFancy. This year-round wardrobe plan looks doable too. I am super excited to analyze my style and streamline my closet.


The bottom line is, it’s about self-care. I deserve to feel good about the way I look. In the end, I may not be the most stylish mom on the soccer field, but at least I will feel more confident in myself.



Christine Sullivan is a school counselor, blogger, teachers-pay-teachers author and a Juice Plus+ sales representative. Her mission is to nurture young hearts and grow a kinder world by providing resources to support parents and educators. She is also passionate about the connection between diet and mental health. Follow her on her website on Instagram (teachkidsempathy) and on Facebook. Christine lives in New Jersey with her two young boys, her husband and her dog Bingo.