Let’s face it…we all love pampering ourselves.


At the end of a long day, I love to deep condition my hair with a clay face mask and a good topic I can write about; I consider this pampering. However, though I love the act of pampering, it is very rare for me to put this act into action.


What I’ve noticed, though, is that it’s not that I don’t want to pamper myself in this over-the-top way, but I don’t have the time to really do so. Oh, what a luxury it would be to walk around with a mask and condition on for most my day, but odds are, we don’t live in that kind of world. We have so many things to attend to, it’s hard to tend to ourselves.


So, instead of sticking to the standard pampering, I started looking at other ways that I could cater to myself. When I do have the time to soak my feet and read a drama novel, I most certainly do. But…I needed catering activities that I could do a daily basis, not just when I stumble on some free time. I needed things that I could easily through into my day, but for it to not be so simple that I don’t even feel like I’m being catered to; a difficult balance indeed.


What are some simple ways we can regularly practice self-care?


No, I’m not going to tell you to put on a face mask and pour a glass of wine every night—and I don’t blame you if you do—but, these are 5 things we can all practice, every day, to cater to ourselves just a little bit more:


Check off the Top Priority, then Breathe


I have always had more than one thing on my plate to complete, BUT, there is always that one task that, when I finally check it off, I feel like my world is a better place. When we get that ultimate task done, it makes the rest of our tasks look easy, making it a breeze to check off the rest.


Grab a Book


I love reading, but, what I’ve noticed is that reading is really good for you. For those moments that I am engulfed in a chapter, I am released from all other problems. For that hour or two, the story is what I’m living, and the normal world can’t touch me.


Schedule “Me Time”


Regardless of what I have on my agenda, if I don’t get some “Deiona time,” it is not getting done. Whether I close my eyes for a little and just meditate, go for a walk or even stretch, I make sure to take out time to just woosah, then get back to it…or take a nap.


Do Something Kind for an Outsider


Recently, I’ve made it my duty to serve at least one person every day. Whether it be editing a friend’s paper, taking the garbage out for my grandma or giving my pup an extra treat, I realized just doing something for someone else feels good. It puts a little joy in two hearts instead of just one.


The 7-Second Breath


There are points in the day where I feel like I simply can’t breathe; so, I stop and catch my breath. When those overwhelming moments come, I stop what I’m doing, shut my eyes and breathe in and out for seven seconds. Once those seven seconds are up, I have calmed down and can refocus.


Honestly, though I have a list, the best thing that you can practice is simply doing at least one thing, every day, that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day, but, you should notice something that makes you smile, every day. Whether it be something small or large, if it makes you smile, let it cater to you.



New Yorker relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Deiona Monroe is a Lifestyle Writer for She’s It. With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minor Criminal Justice from Temple University, Deiona aims to use her words to spread hope and awareness throughout the world. She wants her storytelling to positively impact lives and use the lessons she has learned from to help someone through their battles. Whether she touches 1,000 souls or just 1, she wants to make sure that her words promote progress and educates all those who choose to read. When not working, she still spends her time engulfed in her notebooks, looking for the right cup of tea or playing with her puppy.