Celebrate Self-Care!


September is a time of deep inner transformation. It is the beginning of autumn, as the Fall Equinox provides us all with a shift in the energy field. September brings us the awareness and ability to embody truth. The only way to uncover our truth is through self-care.


As we place more of an emphasis on following our hearts throughout the National Self-Care Awareness Month, we will be better equipped to dealing with life’s day-to-day activities. If you haven’t yet started your self-care routines, don’t you worry! You can start today.


“No matter how indulgent or fancy the term may sound, self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being.” – Forbes


The first thing to remember about self-care is that it is all-inclusive. That means that it will benefit more than just one aspect of your life. Say for example you started following an app that helps with managing your stress. This is what I have and it works wonders! I love the Take a Break Meditations for Stress Relief by Meditation Oasis. I started out simply wanting to calm my mind and create more balance in my life throughout my work schedule. However, while I only initially desired to find that work-life balance, I found that in time I could create more space in my schedule to start new hobbies and ventures.


It becomes a snowball effect. Once your goal is to prioritize yourself through self-care, you will see how your life opens to new possibilities that seemed unlikely prior.


“We recommend anything creative, like art, music, cooking or learning a new language as a different way to express yourself. And if baking is your self-care go-to, it can be a great way to make friends who will help you eat the results!” – Love is Respect


Your self-care routines can change and evolve with you. They never should feel like stagnant patterns. Think of it as your personal sanctuary that you create. For me, I enjoy reading a romantic mystery book before I go to bed. This is how I unwind and create a positive mood for myself.


“Whether you’re facing a rough patch or simply going through the day-to-day grind, self-care should always be on your agenda.”Health.com


Creating healthy eating habits is probably one of the best proactive steps you can take for your self-care routine.


“Do you take time to eat meals at work and do you take time to have snacks when your body requires intermittent food during the work day? Self-care means integrating favorite healthy foods into your everyday eating routines and planning ahead to make sure you have adequate nutritional foods throughout your day.” – Psychology Today


Add antioxidant-rich foods to your meal plan (blueberries, dark chocolate, grapes, walnuts, kale) which minimize depression, boost heart heath and enhance overall metabolism and energy.


“Self-care can involve basic rituals that ensure health and optimal performance.” –  Leah Lagos


Physical Self-Care Ideas from The Law of Attraction  


  • Dance to your favorite songs
  • Do yoga. Even if you’ve never tried it, there are poses that are perfect for beginners.
  • Join a class and learn a new sport.
  • Go running with your dog (or a friend’s)!
  • Cycle through the countryside.
  • Simply go for a walk.


What are your favorite things to do to calm your mind and ease your soul? This is not about judgment or fitting in to someone’s desired self-care routines.


My friend Tina calls her loved ones before going to bed and this is how she mentally unwinds, through the connection she has with her kids while she is traveling for work. When we pay attention to our self-care we can ultimately boost our mood. This is because we are listening to our body and aligning to what it is asking of us. In addition, this raises our confidence level as we begin to feel more centered and aware of who we are.


“Pick one inspirational quote, phrase, sentence that you have made up to repeat to yourself in moments of stress and moments of calm.” – Susan Verde


Affirmations are powerful ways that we can tune into the self-care muscle. The words we speak can make us feel empowered through the mere thought of the meaning behind the words.


Follow a whole list of the Beloved Louise Hay affirmations for some inspiration!


The take away is this: self-care increases your level of productivity, encourages you to rise above your limitations and enhances your overall well-being. How do you reduce stress and get motivated through your self-care rituals?



Levita Galinsky is an avid lifestyle journalist, a professional ballet dancer (trained at the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center), and a Pre-med Psychology graduate. She aims to help people live a more authentically balanced life through positive mindset exercises centering around self-expression. To connect with Levita visit her website http://lusciouslylevi.wixsite.com/love and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LusciouslyLevi/