A She’s It woman reflects on her journey.


This Well-Being ELM ( Engage, Learn and Motivate) Conversation  channel invites women to reflect on their living in their lives  as it is today. A She’s It woman is with high levels of Well-Being is truly confident and comfortable with herself. Whether you are just beginning your journey through work, adventure, or motherhood; near the middle of your life wondering what is next, or later when you look at your legacies, what conversation do you have with yourself and others about this?  We invite you to engage and learn about well-being and it’s six domains of Self-Acceptance, Relationships, Autonomy, Environment, Personal Growth, and Sense of Purpose.  Much to learn and be motivated to achieve higher levels in one or more of these domains.  Read our first article and take the survey, you might be surprised at your findings.


If you desire more Well-Being or even just beginning the conversation about life satisfaction and life’s journey, engage here. You’ll find companionship and camaraderie through our writers and other participants. Give us your questions, your concerns, and share your stories to help others. We look forward to our journey of Well-Being together.


ELM Conversations are doorways into what matters to women in the 21st century. As conversations, the Well-Being ELM does more than just inform or entertain; it is  an interlocking tie between who we are on the inside and the demands of the society we live in. It’s the tug and pull of these energies that makes our lives a journey.


Joining the She’s It ELM Conversations is a courageous act, and that is our invitation. Join She’s It to Engage, Learn and be Motivated about areas that matter to you and us.

Let’s ELM!

*We are still accepting contributing writers for this ELM Conversation. Contact us if interested.