Be thankful for the small things


With the holidays happening at the end of this year, the last few months are going to be full of present giving, family gatherings and lots of food. No matter the religion, race, or age, the holiday season always finds a way to make things just a little more cheerful.


We tend to get caught up in the festivities. We say, “thank you” for the things we’re given during this time, and we give to others just as happily. But what about the rest of the year?


It can be hard to remember that the main purpose for these holidays is to be grateful, regardless of the presents or food you get. You don’t need fancy gifts or a luxurious turkey dinner to feel gratitude. You don’t even need the holiday itself.


Being grateful is something that we should be practicing every single day of our lives.


As humans, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily day-to-day and lose sight of the things were grateful to have. We let ourselves get caught up with the bills, the little disagreements, the bad driver, and we let the negative events in our day ruin the rest of it. We give negative situations the power to change our daily lives, and I don’t know about you, but that isn’t a way I’d like to live.


If we are to be truly happy, then we must live in a constant state of gratitude and be thankful for the things we have, every single day. Even if that means turning a negative situation into a good one.


The next time someone gets mad at you, try thinking, “what can I learn from this?” Or, “yes, I’m not getting what I want now, but that means that what I want is not meant for me just yet”.


Be patient, calm, and willing to work with what you have, to get what it is you truly want. All while being grateful for the life around you.


When is the last time you were thankful for the trees? What about your stove? Or the clothes you’re wearing? One of the things my parents always said was that someone out there has it worse. And while this may be true, abundance is all in your mindset and how you look at things.


It’s easy to wish, want and beg because you feel like you don’t have enough. But I guarantee you do. Start noticing the little things you have. All the extra appliances you use and the objects around you. Be thankful for everything that you have.


Being thankful is something that I’ve been focused on practicing for almost a year now, and it will change your life, just like it did mine.


Every day when I wake up, and every night before I go to bed, I list five things that I’m grateful for. And these can be big things like the relationship I have, or tiny things like having all my teeth. I urge you to do this exercise, whether you create the lists in your head, or you write them down on paper or in a journal.


Truly feeling thankful for these things helps you to notice that you already have an amazing, abundant, joyful life. You have so much to be thankful for, and it’s should be practiced every day, not just the holidays. 


Start treating every day for what it is, a gift. That’s why it’s called the “present”, right? Be aware of the things around you. Show everyone you meet love and understanding. Take the time to focus on the little things you are happy to have. Treat every day as if it is a holiday. We could all use a little more cheer.


Growing up, I’ve always been grateful. I remember always saying thank you, you’re welcome, please, and no thank you to my friends, family, and the people I was around in public. My parents made sure that us kids were raised right.


It wasn’t until about a year ago that I realized there was more to be thankful about. I started noticing all the tiny things the people in my life did for me. I noticed the abilities I had and the things I can do. The littlest things make up bigger chunks and those turn into the foundation of gratitude. 



Julie is a nineteen year old who recently graduated high school. She has Cerebral Palsy, but doesn’t let that hold her back! She looks forward to becoming a certified Life Coach, and obtaining a degree in psychology. Helping people succeed is her passion, as well as hiking, working out, and writing. You may reach Julie at or email Julie at