Emotional self-care


Emotions: we all have them. Some days we experience peace through our emotions, while others evoke intense emotional breakdowns so deep within us that they demand our full adherence to simply meet whatever emotion is rising up. Let’s face it.


Women have historically been put down for having and expressing emotions. Emotions imply weakness, simply because as a society, we are taught that if we feel, we are automatically characterized as the weakest link.


However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, even as a young woman, I’ve found that if I can identify and work in concert with my emotions, I have more authentic power to expressing my feelings at any moment. It’s been a remarkable path to find that being more authentic in expressing my emotions can inspire change and success. Here is what I and some of my friends and colleagues have found to promote our self-care so that we are coming from our deeper selves more often!


Creating self-care routines for women in the career field


As stress naturally happens in the workforce for both men and women, sometimes women can experience particular stressors. What matters is taking proactive steps to deal with your emotions in a healthy way. For Ariel, a lawyer, she says, “The key is to never let my negative emotions get the best of me. I always come with a plan and take a deep breath before I speak”.


Let’s get in the habit of finding ways to display authentic awareness by checking in with ourselves and acknowledging present emotions.


Lillian, who works at a radio station, says, “A hobby of mine is self-growth and reading articles to get informed. I started drinking green tea as part of my routine and it calms me!”


The root of emotional self-care centers around creating authentic routines and habits specifically fit for your own unique needs and passions. What calms you down?


Emotional maintenance tools


These are productive strategies where you will be better equipped to take charge and handle your given stressors. Whether that is cleaning your home or painting a picture, channel out the stressed feelings to get the negative emotions out of your system. Starting and ending the day with positive actions encourages positive emotions and might have a big effect on how your entire day goes. Set morning routines, focus on building new goals, and maintain existing ones.


Dealing with stress and emotions


Emotions seem to rise seamlessly when we are under stress. I know women who experience an onset of stress who lack certain tools on how to navigate it all. For Anna, a college student studying for finals, she says, “During times of stress what is critical for me is deconstructing exactly what makes me feel overwhelmed. I write it down.” Anna demonstrates a productive way to uncover the root of her emotions.


Parenting and emotional care


“When you react, you let others control you. When you respond, you are in control.” ― Bohdi Sanders


Jenna, a full-time mother of three, says, “My kids test me each day with my emotions, but I have learned not to react to them. When they scream for my attention, I have to put my foot down and respond when it gets too far without reacting if that makes sense. I let them have their tantrums and then I tell them let’s discuss what is bothering you.”


This is gaining emotional awareness when it comes to reacting vs. responding to a situation. However, responding with a uniformed statement would imply that you are now in control of the situation, as you are leading from an emotionally stable mindset.


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” ― Helen Keller


The process of experiencing the true beauty of life is done through feeling, and that is a gift we can be grateful for.


Without emotions we would never be able to have the most fulfilling experiences out of life, both negative and positive, simply because emotions are the direct channel for our encompassing experience here on earth.


My general motto for emotional self-care


As a quick takeaway, remember to always accept your emotions as they arise and integrate them in accordance with your self-expression. For me personally, I deal with emotions on the spot. When I am overwhelmed in relationships or work, I need to talk it out, with nonjudgmental communication. It can be difficult because as humans we control everything and when people come to us with their feelings, we don’t know how to “be there for them” as a support system.


Journaling is also something I would do to release additional emotional stress where I express all the emotions on paper and draw cartoons or write poetry. I typically conclude with a gratitude paragraph. Here is where I state my appreciation to be able to feel without judging or controlling myself. This is my journey and I have a right to feel and release, as do all of you beautiful women. We need to be comfortable with our feelings and emotions so that we can empower others by empowering ourselves first.

Living an enriching life means feeling, and once you can begin to embrace your emotions instead of running away from them, you will be on your way to a more powerful and successful life.



Levita Galinsky is an avid lifestyle journalist, a professional ballet dancer (trained at the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center), and a Pre-med Psychology graduate. She aims to help people live a more authentically balanced life through positive mindset exercises centering around self-expression. To connect with Levita visit her website http://lusciouslylevi.wixsite.com/love and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LusciouslyLevi/