Get Your Day Started Off Right


If you’re anything like me, you know how stressful it can be to try to get your mind to be quiet at night and to get it to start working again the next morning. Especially if you’ve already got other things to worry about as us adults do—a job, bills, family and anything else, really!


Having a clear head at the start of the day will help everything else to be organized and productive.


When I don’t allow myself to remove all the thoughts or ideas in my head, it creates stress. That stress then turns into worry, anxiety, fear and doubt. I used to have nights where I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until the sun came up because I was thinking and worrying too much!


The same goes for creating a peaceful environment and mind the next morning. Getting everything done means I need to be in the right frame of mind. I’ve figured out a few little hacks that have helped me become less stressed, get better sleep and become more productive. If you give any of them a try, let me know what you think!


Start a Journal


Journaling before bed is a great way to get rid of any swirling thoughts that are going on in your head that will otherwise keep you up all night. I love writing out my thoughts before I go to sleep.


Sometimes you wind up writing things you didn’t even know were on your mind! If you have anxiety, this is also going to help you to rationalize and organize what’s going on in your head. I keep a journal and a pen or pencil beside my bed at all times. That way, I can write out my thoughts before sleeping, and if a good idea pops up while I’m laying down, I can write it and then stop thinking about it.


Organize Those Thoughts!


That night or right when I wake up the next morning, I really like to write out at least three major tasks that I have to get done that day. Some people like a lot of structure, but personally I have found that if I just write out the most important things and put it somewhere noticeable, I’ll be a lot more likely to get them done than if I were to write out a whole schedule for the day. If there are things you don’t get done, you can easily transfer them to the next day’s list. Does anyone still use sticky notes? I sure do! They’re handy for writing reminders down. Give it a shot!


Prepare for the Day…From Head to Toe


The last tip I have for you to have an organized and productive start to your day is to lay out all of your clothes the night before. How many of you already do this? It seems insignificant, but I promise, this one simple step will help you a lot.  


If you set out your clothes the night before, it is one less thing to think about in the morning, and it will allow for you to get ready quicker when you go to start your day. This means you will also be less distracted and more focused because you aren’t changing your outfit nine hundred and three times! I’m definitely guilty of this!


These three tips have helped me so much in cultivating an environment that is peaceful, productive, calm and structured all at the same time. If you try any of these tips out, I’d love to hear about it! If you have your own well-being advice to add, leave your thoughts below so we can share with others and hopefully inspire some healthy changes.



Julie is a twenty year old who recently graduated high school. She has Cerebral Palsy, but doesn’t let that hold her back! She looks forward to becoming a certified Life Coach, and obtaining a degree in psychology. Helping people succeed is her passion, as well as hiking, working out, and writing. You may reach Julie at or email Julie at