Does spirituality play a role in your life?


Some people might take the concept of “spirituality” too literally and start diving into deep philosophical and esoteric thoughts about the subject. In reality, spirituality is simply a method of tuning into your soul so that you can be better aligned to live your happiest, healthiest self.


Everyone has a different way to tune into themselves to uncover their truths to ultimately can find the inner peace in their daily lives. For some it is a yoga class, for others it is watching a musical. For me, I enjoy understanding and uncovering masks of myself and those around me.


“The art of spirituality is to discover your self-worth.” – Levita


Self-worth might seem like a simple concept, but when you have self-worth, you can create anything in your life. Self-worth is the ability to be truly happy, abundant and joyful. It is a state of being, an awareness of the truth of your capability to make something of yourself within the world. When judgments are removed and labels are released, you can begin the quest to finding your true self-worth.


Four Ways to Uncover Your True Self-Worth


Release attachments to people/places/things that make you feel inferior in any way.


Remove yourself from superficial friendships and relationships that only seem to drain your energy. Once you value yourself you will notice that you will not desire to be around those that create self-doubt in your mind.


Acknowledge your passions and make plans to pursue them.


Take that online course or decide to pursue your studies and get that degree you’ve always wanted.


Find a cause that speaks to your heart and invest your weekends there.


Whether it is volunteering at a local pet shelter, homeless shelter, or providing your free artistic services to children, share whatever you can as you feel it aligns with your being.


Discover your authentic voice.


This is an empowerment step. Without chasing anything or anyone, stand firm in your thoughts and feelings and be YOU.


Once you have started to reconnect back to your self-worth, understand that you might feel lonely at first, simply because the truth of people is that they all desire connection and truth, but sometimes their egos take the center stage and separation starts happening instead of unity. However, as long as you align with your heart, you will find your tribe.


Your self-worth is always connected to the present moment, and that is what makes it spiritual.


Spirituality is about releasing the ego-based masks rooted in control and blame while simultaneously remaining true to the present moment of your reality, to clear your insecurities and to rise to your happiness. To keep enhancing your confidence, take the present moment and do things that uplift your spirit.


“Reading, playing music, dancing, or anything with a relaxed focus is an active meditation. Sometimes it doesn’t feel right to just sit on the mat. Take your meditation outside and go for a walk. Be present. Walk slow. Smell, Listen, Feel, and Breathe.” – Karen Neverland


“Enjoy the journey because you are always where you’re meant to be.” – Maryam Hasnaa


Regardless if you think you are being spiritual or not, you are! Every thought you have, every action you take, every opportunity of personal growth you accept, these are the energies that form your self-worth. To connect deeper to your spirituality, I offer self-mastery sessions that work to encourage your inner self to shine. Always stay in your truth along your journey. Authenticity and transparency will guide you through.



Levita Galinsky is an avid lifestyle journalist, a professional ballet dancer (trained at the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center), and a Pre-med Psychology graduate. She aims to help people live a more authentically balanced life through positive mindset exercises centering around self-expression. To connect with Levita visit her website and Facebook