SLOW DOWN: Slowing down when you’re used to moving all the time is hard.

And when you’re moving and busy all the time, not taking the time to slow down means you can miss the things that are important.


I’ll tell you my story of why I decided to get up and write this story. I’ve been running hard lately and though I try, I know I’m not slowing down enough for the things that matter. I’ve got multiple calendars, multiple emails, on conference calls and meetings at all hours due to having a global team and it caught up with me. It socked me right in the gut because of something I missed due to not slowing down.


Wine Divas

Wine Divas Diane and Tam

I have a group of girlfriends in a group we call “Whining for Wine Divas” because we like to say we whine for wine all the time. Not true….um…well, that’s a conversation for another time. Every year one of the Wine Divas, Diva Diane, has a table at the Neighbor’s Ball which raises scholarship money for minority youth. It means a lot to her. She and her husband, before he passed away from pancreatic cancer, were involved in this organization together and she has stayed involved. In the last few years I’ve missed this event only one time and last night makes it the second time. The first time I had decided to go to the Exit Zero Jazz Fest in Cape May so that time is was my choice to not make it. But this time I didn’t make it because I forgot. The worst part for me is when I woke up this morning and saw that I missed a phone call and a text from Diane asking if I was still coming to the event. I felt like shit because when I asked my DonJuan (that’s what I call my husband) if he knew last night was the Neighbor’s Ball, he said yes but thought that since it wasn’t on the calendar that we weren’t going. All I could think of was ugggghhhhh…. I’ve got to slow down, get organized and communicate.


So I thought about what I need to do to get engaged with myself and the things that I personally love to do while still getting those things done I love to do, but they are more work related. There’s more that I can do than the five things listed below but these came to mind:





Try to make time to get outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine does a body (and the mind) good. Short slow walks around the neighborhood, at the local farmers market or even a yard sale is mindless activity that provides you with both physical and mental good.





Stop texting. Stop emailing. Pick up the phone and starting using your vocal cords. I always feel good when I get a call that is a “just calling to see how you are” and it’s not about work or something bad. Talking and connecting tends to keep the conversation going.





There aren’t many other things that can bond people like food. Have a scheduled or random meal together. Not fast food but a meal that you can enjoy and have person-to-person conversation. And when eating, remember to slow down!





The worst thing for anyone is to feel that the person you are talking with is not listening. I know immediately when I’ve been tuned out because everything I say gets a “uh huh” with it. I could say that there’s a flying deer overhead and hear “uh huh” or “yep”. So be slow and deliberate with conversations, you’ll get more enjoyment from them.





When was the last time you sat and enjoyed a conversation or had a meal without a device blaring somewhere in your reach? That’s been awhile for me since I typically have the TV, radio or even the phone always within reach.



Yes, if we’re to slow down and enjoy life, we must eliminate distractions. We must cancel the noise. We must disconnect sometimes. It’s about blocking off some personal time for you and what matters most.


And most important, if given the choice of slowing down because you must or slowing down because you want to…. I don’t know about you, but I would take the latter anytime. And I intend to as part of my Reset Sunday! One of our She’s It writers, Julie Make, wrote an article called WELL-BEING: Make Time to Improve with a Self-Trifecta. It’s well worth a read!


I’m also going to take a bottle of wine to Diane and toast to friendship, to the fabulous event I know they had and to slowing down to enjoy life, even when you’re busy.


Cheers to slowing down!


Have a GRAND day

That’s Tam!


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