SHEapp Corporate

Don’t just offer a Health Plan. Be a Health Partner!

Create a social health empowerment program

As businesses acknowledge the importance of health in the workplace, they have also begun to realize the relationship between their employee’s health and the communities where their employees (and their families) and their consumers live. At the end of the workday, employees and customers still return home to communities that may be food deserts, have poor infrastructure or have limited access to good quality healthcare.

~Zellner and Bowdish, 2017

When employees struggle with being healthy, not only do they suffer but the business suffers too. SHEapp provides Knowledge, Support, Access and Autonomy (Pronounced KISS-AH). We create an experience that’s more than tracking steps, tracking food, tracking sleep and the well-worn challenges.

Imagine a platform that provides employees with actionable items that will impact themselves, their family, their community and their world! The only item required is a smartphone or tablet.