Hurricane Harvey – It Only Takes Just One Person To Take a Stand


Recently, tragedy has loomed over thousands of families, residents, and citizens of the Houston, Texas area due to the mass destruction that Hurricane Harvey left in its wake. Homes were destroyed, loved ones separated during the hysteria, and even people and pets had lost their lives to the deepening and merciless flood. It’s bad enough when one life has been devastated but in this case even more so being that countless numbers of lives had to share in a harrowing natural disaster event.


So far 2017 hasn’t been the best year for the United States. This nation has fallen on a radical divide as of late and every other day the media informs the public about more imploding behavior as well as actions that has our domestic peace severed. At some point, we as citizens begin to lose faith whether we will ever reconcile our differences and persevere as a nation once more.


Then Hurricane Harvey hits; it seems our road to recovery will never come, but…


Despite the abundant divergence amongst us, during this Hurricane tragedy people have aspired to come together to survive, aid, and care. The heart and spirit of this country embedded in its citizens is not entirely lost. Major corporations and celebrities have donated great portions of compensation to the victims of this widespread flood. Some politicians, government officials, and dedicated police officers have put aside their professional endeavors to make Houston and its people a priority. Most importantly, people from within Texas and all over the U.S. have volunteered, searched for lost victims, raised money, clothing, food, and medical supplies to relieve and aid during Houston’s time of need. These average citizens of all different shapes, sizes, religion, skin color, background, and status have put forth fierce efforts and care for strangers they barely knew simply because it is the right thing to do.


At first, it was just a sad breaking news event that most people outside the destroyed area would give passing grievances too, then like the domino effect when a small group started to act by rescuing and volunteering, others started to pay their exertions forward as well. I started to see neighbors opening their own homes to Texas victims for temporary living. I saw social media friends and followers create donation pages and exorcising the need to spread awareness. I saw on television anyone who owned a boat head out to the heart of the ruin and save whomever was left behind, man or animal. I saw hope, strength, courage, love, and mostly I saw unity.


The kind actions of everyone else had motivated me to want to help as well. This point in time will be critical to our history as a nation. This point of coming to together for a common cause to enact goodness is pivotal to our children and future generations of politicians, soldiers, communities, and citizens. Although it’s still uncertain how much mayhem Houston has undergone, the fact is regardless, it is most serious and colossal. If we can continue to unify to assist and support our fellow Texans,  than anything devastating going forward could not ever break us.


I know at times it may not seem like one person could do enough but the truth is it only takes just one person to take a stand, to make a difference, to mount kindness, and to just simply do the right thing even if it isn’t always the easiest.    If you are also concerned about the animals and pets, here are some ways you can help:


  • Best Friends Animal Society, the first animal rescue on the ground during Hurricane Katrina, has deployed its disaster response team to Texas to help rescue stranded animals, deliver supplies and transport displaced pets. You can donate to the disaster relief fund here. 
  • Austin Pets Alive!Is moving as many displaced animals as possible into its shelter and is working on adopting out the animals currently residing there, so it has more room for Harvey evacuees. The rescue is looking for financial donations and potential adopters, learn more here.
  • American Humane is working to rescue animals from the flood waters, as well, and is also providing hundreds of pounds of pet food to pet owners and their animals currently displaced by Harvey. To support these efforts, click here.
If one person could pay it forward to the next then there is only one direction it could go…forward.



Jacqueline Jewell is a Marketing and Public Relations Consultant at an ecofriendly marketing firm in Media. With a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Immaculata University, Jacqueline loves the world of broadcast media and compelling raw news stories. Jacqueline loves to write poetry, song lyrics, and as well as short stories. When Jacqueline is not writing or working, she usually spends her time with her loving son, going hiking in state parks, playing basketball, painting, dancing, and watching science fiction thriller films. Jacqueline’s heroes include Walter Cronkite, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Margaret Fuller.