How will YOU start a goodness revolution?


With all the crazy events going on the world lately, I think we need a reminder that we can make a change.  Performing simple acts of goodness on a daily basis can help other people to pay it forward, leading to a goodness revolution.


The way things are looking these days, believe me, we need some goodness.  If we all follow this outlook, we can transform our lives along with the lives of those that we meet.  So maybe the mailman that gave you an energetic wave, or the neighbor that chatted with you seriously made your day.  Now it is your turn to pay it forward.  Maybe your smile and good nature literally transformed a cashier’s demeanor.  Simple acts like this are all it takes.


Because we can all make a change, all we have to do is try. 


Here are a few of the examples of just how you can better the lives of those you encounter on your journey of life.


Smile to those you meet


Every person I come across I make a conscious effort smile and greet.  Often, my children have questioned how I knew the person I smiled and delightfully greeted.  I remind them that every day we can make a change.  A smile—something so simple and easy to do—can make another person’s day.  You never know what that person is going through; your smile could transform their day and shed light on the darkness they were feeling. Share your positivity with a simple smile.


Take time to listen


If a person is willing to talk to you in depth and give you a glimpse into their world, take time to return the courtesy.  Life is busy and I for one can totally relate if you feel like free time is scarce, but that is no excuse.  With my four children, their activities, and work; I often feel like I am always running somewhere but I always find time for others.


Why?  Because people matter.  Every life is important. 


Recently, a worker at a local superstore opened up about the depression she had been feeling. She needed to vent.  I didn’t know her that well so I was honored that she had confided in me as I empathetically listened.



Be the person to make a change in those you cross paths with.  We all meet for a reason!


Be a do-gooder


Helping the person at the checkout line bag groceries, holding doors, volunteering at community events and being the person to help friends and family in need translates to a life worth living. So live each day for spreading the good-ness that is already within you.


If you open up your heart and mind, you will realize that you have a whole lot of love to give. 
Be thankful


Instead of dwelling on what you do not have, think of all the blessings you have in your life.  This might include animals, family members and anything else that makes you happy.  Often people list out what they desire in life instead of just being happy for today.  I am thankful for my husband and four children, my Yorkshire terrier and all the happiness they bring me each day.  I am thankful every day to wake up and enjoy another day.  My late grandfather used to always say, “Today is a great day to be alive.”  This is a great outlook, learning to be thankful for each day.


Life is as beautiful as you what you choose to see it.


Make a greater purpose


We all have a gift which we can use for the greater good.  I am a trainer but even in my free time I find myself helping those around me to motivate them to better their health. I have made a commitment to continue to do so as long as I live.  I also feel I was meant to motivate the lives of children, including my own.  What is your purpose?  I am sure you have many gifts, but how can you use this to enhance the lives of others.  Pay it forward and commit to changing those that you meet or at least bringing a little of sunshine into their world.


Know names!


Since I was a young child I was always good at remembering names…not because I have a super keen memory, but because I care.  I have always felt that everyone is important, so it is key to remember the names of those you meet. It may sound so dismal but let me tell you it makes a world of a difference to the lives of others.  I still have a mail carrier I am friends with from my first home 13 years ago because I care.  I would often have long conversations about life with him in the midst of his shift.  Remember to address all new people you meet by their name.  You may make some new friends and I promise it will also make their day.


Be open to education


Education is not only found in books. In fact, most of your education can be found right outside your very doors.  Maybe a neighbor has stories of war, or a bystander has tips on parenting. Everyone has a story and you can learn so much from the lives and experiences of others.  So open up your ears and mind to take it all in.


So go ahead and start the goodness revolution.  I promise you we could all use some goodness to enter our lives.  Live from your heart, as this is a blissful life worth living!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,