Companies are struggling to provide wellness solutions for their employees that continue to demonstrate employee engagement. Employees want to know they matter.


One Platform, One Resource, One Place for massive data aggregation to save time, more wellness and better health.

Engagement is the key to increase employee participation in wellness programs.

EnvisionWell Employee Engagement combines the digital, social and human experience into one solution to drive measurable results empowering healthy behaviors.

Return on Investment

Reduction in absenteeism

Reduction in workers compensation and disability claims costs

Reduction in health-related costs

Value of Investment 

Employee satisfaction with benefits program

Employees believe that employers care

Employee acquisition and retention

Lets talk about our Wellness Solution for Employees.

EnvisionWell Engagement Experience

Wellness is about balancing, building, and reinforcing healthy habits. Any corporate wellness program needs to be consistent with evidence that moves the health and well-being needle of it employees. This means that engagement strategies, inclusive of engagement on mobile platforms, must be behavior-focused and data based and human centric.

EnvisionWell Corporate portal

A web-based platform that allows you to manage your corporate wellness program. You can invite new employees to join your wellness program, see which ones are participating, view aggregated health data, track challenge participation in real-time and directly communicate with your team, with data that matters.

We Give Solutions!

The EnvisionWell App connects to over 300 plus fitness and health devices to have all of the employee’s information in one place.

EnvisionWell intersects health for work and life.  Not only does our platform include a mobile app that integrates and aggregates data from over 300 fitness and nutrition wearables & medical devices, it also provides motivations, content (curated and original), challenges, nutrition, podcasts, audio and more in 10 topics dedicated to  health, wellness and 360° well-being.  In total the platform provides data and metrics that matter for your employees and company.  EnvisionWell is unique in that you can use the same resource to be work-healthy and life-healthy without compromising either one thus allowing employees to extend being healthy with their family and friends.  

Knowledge through data and education is the “what” of behavior change.

Support is the environment that helps to drive behavior change and allows employees to be successful.

Access to resources supports skill development and provides necessary tools and resources is the “how”.

Autonomy empowers motivated choices based on an employee’s experience within their work and outside communities.

Knowledge + Support + Access + Autonomy = Engagement KSAA

To keep employees engaged, companies must commit to success by continually adapting to changing technologies, employing creativity, and soliciting feedback.

Dedicated Engagement Specialist

To keep employees engaged, companies must commit to success by continually adapting to changing technologies, employing creativity, and soliciting feedback.

Key partner who works in collaboration with your HR or company representative to provide expertise, support and guidance to ensure success of the program. The key to success is engagement and motivation, these are the factors that change behaviors.

On Site Biometric Screenings (InBody, Fit3D).

Corporate introductory meeting, Challenges, Articles & Special Content, Webinars.

Analysis of participation and Results – Data and Reports.

Monthly Review Calls, Quarterly Surveys, Quarterly Business Review.

Success-metric pricing delivered through measurable goals.


  • Program and Event Participation
  • Biometrics Aggregate Results
  • Targeted and Evidence-Based Disease Management
  • SMS Platform – Company-wide and department
  • Platform availability for family and peers