Our Mission & Lifeblood

Everybody is Different
& Every “BODY” is Different

We will continuously inspire people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing

by bringing knowledge to life thru our lifestyle technology and vetted content.



WE BELIEVE that EVERYONE deserves and has a right to Knowledge, Support, Access and Autonomy (KSAA ) ™ that drives healthier outcomes.

That’s Democratization for 360° WellBeing.
That’s Social Health Empowerment.

Our Story

An idea was penned in 2013 when Founder, Tam Williams, wrote down the words She’s It, an idea born out of her own frustration with health apps. The idea became a business.

Tam continued to work in Corporate America but her idea was never far from her mind. After further research she decided to take it straight to the people she was targeting. In 2016 she had a global survey and focus groups completed by an outside firm on what women were missing when it came to technology and wellbeing. The results were astounding and the first wireframes were born.

First Wireframe Late 2016

Tam & Carol

In 2017, Tam left Corporate America to focus 100% on bringing the vision to life. She started hiring a team, found a partner, Carol Pate Ed.D. and began to build a company.

Near the end of 2018, the first version of the Social Health Empowerment App, known as SHEapp by She’s It, was released.

In mid-2019, after listening to feedback, the company evolved with the brand Envision2bWell, EnvisionWell App and the Workplace Wellness Program. Same product, more features and a platform for both women and men to engage, learn and be motivated to live healthier lives.

The story isn’t over. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Our Team

Our mission driven company is only as good as the people who are behind the scenes. We are committed, passionate and dedicated to bringing the world of wellness by democratizing Social Health Empowerment. Why?

Save Time; More Wellness; Better Health.

Tam Williams

Founder and CEO

Tam Williams

Margye Solomon

Chief of Staff

Margye Solomon

Faizan A. Chughtai

Head Mobile Apps Development

Faizan A. Chughtai

Carol M. Pate, Ed.D.

EVP Content & Research

Carol M. Pate

Julia Ankudinova

Experience Designer, Product Psychology

Julia Ankudinova

Stephanie Lantz

VP Digital Engagement & Communications

Stephanie Lantz

Thomas Allen Jr

VP Strategy & Business Development

Thomas Allen Jr

Our 360° Wellness Account Executives

Christine Belcastro

Vanessa Bautista

Maria McGee

April Kale

Alliances and Partners