She’s It to Attend Go for the Greens

This Year's Theme: "Motivation + Momentum = Magic"

10.5 Years of Success Through Synergy


Hurricane Irma pushed us into February 2018!


Go for the Greens is based on four important pillars: generating revenue, growing companies to create more jobs, exchanging environment-friendly business practices, and developing business strategy through golf. The conference is produced by an all-volunteer team of the Go for the Greens Foundation Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit based in Florida.


She’s It LLC is a sponsor for this year’s conference. Women owned businesses and corporations from across the United States will be attending to participate in matchmaking, mentoring programs for high school and college women, best practices seminars and, business development on the golf course.


She’s It—a Lifestyle Technology and content media designed by women for women, focused on 360° Well-Being for women—is pleased to have the opportunity to help Go for the Greens’ visitors look beyond the scale.