SISTERHOOD! It’s Good To Connect With Your Sisters!

Sisterhood BWOI Trailblazer SummitIt’s good to connect with your sisters no matter who that sisterhood is. It could be your professional network, church or other religious affiliation, sorority or just supportive friends. Sisterhood is Sisterhood if it uplifts, unapologetically supports and motivates you. That is what I felt at the W Hotel yesterday while at the BWOI 10th Anniversary Trailblazers and Luncheon Summit.


Now I’ll admit this. At first I wasn’t going to go even though I had my ticket. All I could think of was how much I had to do for the upcoming week. I couldn’t imagine how getting up at 4:00 am, getting dressed, heading to Philadelphia to catch a train to NYC, being there all day and then getting home in the evening was going to benefit me….because I had STUFF TO DO!


Attending the BWOI Trailblazers Luncheon & Summit was food for my soul!

The room, messages, speakers, breakout sessions….all were electrifying! There was no talk of politics, of the crap that is tearing and testing people both internal and external. There was no talk about divisiveness but rather continuing to stay the course, to reach, teach and give back. To NOT FORGET who you are, where you came from and that there is still work to be done no matter how many degrees you have, how many letters you have behind your name, where you work, etc.


Let me share a few of the words and quotes that resonated with me:


“A Mentor turns the light on in the room, a Sponsor turns the light on YOU”

“Are you speaking poison into your own mind”

“Become the type of energy you want to attract”

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough”

“Find your inner fierce”

“All things are possible through love and kindness”

“Grit is more than talent”

“Working hard for something you don’t care about is stress”

“Be Jasmine Bond”   I had to think about that for a minute….oh yeah, James Bond LOL.


These were just a few of the golden nuggets I got as a result of “letting go” of what I perceived as a situation that made it impossible for me to justify attending the BWOI Summit. My justifications for not going turned into cemented justification on why I need to go more.


One of the more touching moments of the Summit was when my BWOI sister Valerie Rainford spoke about what the Silent & Live Auction was raising money for. The organization is Silence the Shame, which is a global awareness initiative that was created to peel back the layers of shame and stigma related to mental health. Valerie, an Executive and Managing Director for Diversity Strategies at JP Morgan Chase and a trailblazer. Her mother committed suicide 33 years ago yesterday! She talks about it in her book Until the Brighter Tomorrow. Seeing Val wipe tears from her eyes and then smile as she recalled her wonderful mother was one of those moments you just don’t forget.


One more nugget. HALT

HALT: If you’re



Lonely or


Remember to call a sister for help!


I’m ending this the way I started. It’s good to connect with your sisterhood no matter who that sisterhood is. My sisterhood, my tribe, my supports come in all shades. We share commonalities on the ISSUES that impact us, our families, our friends. But yesterday was extra special. It was Black Women of Influence. A network of women who share a deep commitment to support each other and build a pipeline of future leaders. A network of women dedicated to “Helping Each Other Win” and I am proud to be a part of it.


~That’s Tam!


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