She’s It Beginnings


You are being invited into how She’s It began in the mind and heart of its Founder and Chief Life Transformation Partner, Tam Williams.  It is our hope that you will see her inspiration  through her story and understand more about how and why you’re being invited to be a part of her vision.  This article is a result of conversations and mini-interviewing (asking specific as compared to general questions) of Tam over the past few months since I’ve come to know her and now being a partner in her vision.


Background Inspiration for She’s It!


Tam’s vibrant personality has always shown others that she is a focused, caring and optimistic person whose many talents have brought her to knowing that she is a smart and capable woman.  When she left home to marry at a young age, she thought all was well and right with the world and that she had a vision of raising a family and working in the business world.  As fate would have it, the marriage was difficult to the point Tam felt she and her three children were not safe. Taking charge of her life and the life of her children, Tam drove them across the country to begin anew.


Raising them alone in a new part of the country proved challenging, yet Tam’s perseverance and determination kept her family afloat.  It was this time that Tam became aware of just how difficult and lonely women in similar circumstances find themselves.  There was little support except through other women who knew and lived similar paths in raising families alone. Friendships began there that are still vibrant today although Tam and her now grown children are back on the east coast.  Resources were scarce but this only served to call up Tam’s grit to succeed.


Succeed she did, furthering her business and technology acumen in the corporate world, continued education (Northwestern University Kellogg’s School of Management), and as she likes to say “the school of hard knocks”.  After her thriving management consulting firm declined in the 2008 economic downturn, she found herself in the corporate world moving up in the management ranks. At the same time, Tam found her second passion of helping women find more paths to become visible and powerful in corporate, governmental, and other professional careers. This led her to consider the possibility of creating a company whose purpose and focus were to provide a viable and vibrant forum where women could engage, learn and be motivated to take more charge of their lives in the areas that mattered. Fitness and wellness was also a passion for Tam leading her to run marathons, a path unthinkable in her early years.


The structure and purpose for She’s It was born many years ago (another story for Tam to tell herself). But while Tam was in the corporate environment leading education and leadership programs across the globe, she saw that the glass ceiling was not to be broken so she took her dedication, spirit, business and technological skillsets to building She’s It into a company that supports women to have a HEALTHy WELLthy mindset and to Live Life GRAND.

Where did the use of ELM come from?


I love trees!!! especially Elm trees.  Tam now lives so close to the Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA that she can almost smell the foliage as it meets the daylight on the path with the sun.  Much of her inspiration for She’s It comes from her passion for this beautiful, stately shade tree that has been a symbol of strength and grandeur for centuries. The elm tree canopy is one of the grandest displays of nature’s grace in action that she’s ever seen.  She’s also been impressed by the strength of this tree symbolized by the elm that survived the Oklahoma City, OK bombing. Known as the Survivor Tree, a memorial now graces that site honoring the 168 people who lost their lives.  The living elm stands in close witness to this senseless tragedy.


Why Would She Choose a Symbol Whose Very Existence has been Threatened?


She’s It is about and for women!  Did you know that the seven scientists who first identified the Dutch elm disease were all women? It was a woman Dutch scientist, Marie Beatrice Schwarz, who first identified the causal agent of what was to become known as Dutch elm disease. Another woman Dutch scientist, Christine Johanna Buisman, first identified Dutch elm disease in Ohio in 1930.


Marie’s research revealed that the standard practice called monoculture allowed the Dutch elm disease to infect millions of trees through insect vectors and root grafts that easily transported the disease to all other elms in the same proximity. ☹  To save this beautiful and grand tree, this research helped other scientists create cultivars, or elm trees cultivated from different elm families thus strengthening its internal structure through diverse biological strands. What is so magnificently wonderful is that these cultivars, more resilient and persistent against disease, are now re-populating the American landscape.


She’s It honors the resilient and beautiful elm through its ELM (Engage, Learn and Motivate) leaf conversations matching the leaf structure with its 15 veins.  The elm leaf with its contour begins from a rounded base and moves shapely towards the sun to a graceful tip. It looks  much like a flame of light against the darkness.


For each ELM conversation, She’s It women can Engage, Learn and be Motivated to Live their Live GRAND!


You’ll hear and read more about the She’s It journey and Tam’s journey in Tam’s blog posts. Join Tam by sharing your stories of your challenges and inspirations that has shaped who you are today!


Let’s ELM!


Tam shares her inspiring story of how she came to found She’s It – Live Life GRAND! Share with She’s It your inspiring stories of how you began your work, your company, your career. We would love to hear from you and share with others your stories in the “Leave a Reply” section below.