The Passion Was Always There


Between busy lives and mixed messages from those around, I lost myself for a while. I was so focused on everyone else, as a mother of four, I forgot to think of putting myself as a priority. Looking in the mirror I realized all of this and knew that to live life to the fullest, I really needed to make a change.


Change is a scary thing because we often fear failure. Afraid to fall on our face and have people watching. But without change there would never be growth. 


And as you get older, you realize that people are usually not watching as cynics but rather in amazement at your trial. So, I did what needed to be done and took the plunge into re-finding myself by taking a chance on life. In this rediscovery, I began a whole new chapter of my journey.


After the delivery of our fourth child, I began to shift my Bootcamp group training business to personal training. This seemed only natural because I had to have several vascular surgeries and I really needed to focus on putting myself back together health-wise. 


For the next two years that is just what I did; personal training, working with clients one-on-one and having several surgeries. Through this training, many clients conquered goals and made major life transformations. Through this journey, my personal training clients also became great friends. I really learned to love and appreciate the opportunity to help my clients on their personal journeys. Bootcamp group training began to be a pastime that I placed as a memory in my mind, a somewhat distant one, even though it had only been two years since I last taught Bootcamp.


However, sometimes things on the back burner get reignited, and that is just what happened in my case.


Several successful vascular surgeries later when my surgeon gave me my quality life back and I was no longer was in pain, I made a decision. I decided to bring back my Bootcamp because my husband mentioned to me one day that I no longer did it when I was wearing a Bootcamp shirt. This comment really hit home hard with me. The chord it struck was just what I needed to motivate me. This gave me the swift kick in my behind that what once was could be again. Then I started to recall the connections I had made over the years, the lives I had helped to transform and my love for group training.


The more I thought of these memories, they reminded me of the love I once had that remained inside me. After a few online announcements, I had prior clients and even some new clients reach out to me to register. Then it was a done deal—the first month to return to Bootcamp was sold out. 


I walked into the first day of Bootcamp as nervous as if I was a new member. I was hopeful of helping clients to achieve great results but nervous asking myself if I still had the same fire within me to motivate others. To motivate others, it’s integral to show your own passion, knowledge and purpose to help them make a transformation. My nerves quickly disappeared as I looked around at all the people that showed up, trusted me and had given me the opportunity to help them. I was amazed that class was full. Yes—this was sold out on the first month of return! After introductions from members stating what brought them there and what their goals were, our workout then began.


Through the hour-long workout just three days a week, I felt a transformation within myself. I realized that Bootcamp was a missing piece of my puzzle of life. 


The surge of adrenaline during the workout, the rush of excitement through my veins, the euphoria upon my face and the rediscovery of myself. I felt like at every class I was in my element. I looked around at the Bootcamp members and I could see their lives changing. It was not just about weight loss, it was about so much more. You could see the difference in their energy levels, an increase in confidence and an overall brighter view of the world!


The reclaiming of my life all happened from a simple statement from my husband questioning why I wore a shirt from something that did no longer exist. I could have taken this comment as something negative or used it to drive me. But I realize it did not come from a place of negativity. He was truly wondering if I would run my Bootcamp again. Life is all about your approach.


I used this comment to fuel my fire and in the process, I found myself. I realized my clients needed me just as much as I needed them.


My ability to let go of fear helped to drive this, and boy am I glad that I did! Today, I feel awakened with energy, alive with passion and I am not just personal training but also making a difference in group training to help impact so many more lives at once. Everyone has a gift and once you identify this, it would be unfair of you not to share this with the world.


Every single day we can go out and make a change! Go ahead and use your gift for the greater good of the world!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,