Inspire yourself


To be successful in life, you need to believe you’re a winner.


Whether you’ve been an athlete all your life or you just became one yesterday, you are a winner for taking a new lease on life. If you have a room full of trophies that say “First Place,” a few trophies that say “Participant” or you have never received a trophy, you are a winner for getting out and trying. If you’ve chosen to change your life, take control and put yourself and your health as a priority!


To get the most out of life, it is essential to believe you’re a winner. Let me share with you the reasons you need to just believe!


You Are a Winner Because You Are Unique


Believe you’re a winner because you are special and unique just because you are you. There is no one in the world the same as you, with your exact way of thinking, your smile and look. You are special because you are you. Think about it: the world would not be interesting if we were all replicas of one another.

Be proud of who you are. Make the right choices today to pave a bright future ahead and remember you are one of a kind!


You Are a Winner If You Believe You Will Achieve


If you push yourself to achieve what many would consider the unachievable, you are a winner for believing in yourself. Why? Because your mind believes whatever you allow it to. It is time for you to believe in something greater. You may have taken a leap of faith by trying a new sport or fitness class and this makes you even stronger. Or may you have decided to change your career path and taken a new lease on life.


With hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you desire. Make today your day to go for your goals!


You Are a Winner If You Help Others


You have helped a friend to become stronger and healthier and shown them the importance of their health; you are a winner for “paying it forward”!


By motivating your friend to make healthier lifestyle changes, you have demonstrated the amazing person that you are. As a trainer, I have the wonderful opportunity to do this every day with my clients and this is the gift that keeps giving.


The other day was no exception when a local mom reached out to me via social media and asked how I motivate myself to exercise so early. My reply: I get it in when I can and as a working mom of four children, often the morning is the only time. I could see she was nervous about following through so I met her at the gym at 4 AM to help her get on a schedule. I had such a great time helping her achieve her goals. You get what you give in all aspects of life, so give a little more!

You Are a Winner If You Are Not Afraid to Show Your Love


In your personal life, when you turn to your significant other, hold their hand and say, “I love you,” you are a winner for not having fear to show your emotions. Never be afraid to be who you are. I guarantee people will love you for your honesty. I am not afraid to show my vulnerabilities. It’s okay to be transparent because people will love you because you are not afraid to show the real you.

You Are a Winner When You Teach Your Child a Lesson


By teaching your child a life lesson, you are shaping their future and for this reason, you are a winner! You will teach them to live life the same way and you can positively shape their future.

Life is a circle—one day your child will pass this lesson onto their children.


You Are a Winner If You Pursue Your Goal


It doesn’t matter what place you come in because you are a winner for trying, pushing and sticking to your goal! For me, failing is not scary, but not trying is. It does not matter where you place if you put in all that you have!

You Are All Winners Every Day You Put Yourself to The Test!


If you get out of bed and push yourself to accomplish all that you can, you are a winner. Your trophies are the results of what you achieve each day! Why? Because you are a winner!


Make each day better than the last because you can do anything you set your mind to. What are your goals and how will you accomplish them?



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,