A She’s It woman tunes her body inside and out for a HEALTHY WELLthy JOURNEY.

ELM Conversations are doorways into what matters to women.  As conversations, these ELMs do more than just inform or entertain; they are the interlocking ties between who we are on the inside and the demands of the society we live in. It’s the tug and pull of these energies that makes life a journey.   The ELM Health conversation invites women to reflect on their holistic sense of body and mind. Whether you are just beginning your journey as a young woman, near the middle of your life or engaged in concerns brought about through aging or illness, what conversations do you have with yourself and others about your health? If you desire better health, or just beginning the conversation about how to have better health, ELM Health is the place for you.

She’s It, LLC has exciting news.  Our fifteen ELM  conversations are now in SHEapp, our Social Health Empowerment mobile platform available on IOS and Android devices.  In that space, My ELM Articles are one of six incredible features that fully supports 360° Well-Being.   In My ELMs you’ll find resonance through the stories by our writers, content to keep you engaged (think poetry and recipies to name just a few) and health research that explains, explores and keeps you informed!  Engage, Learn and be Motivated for YOUR HEALTH is a courageous act, and that is our invitation.  Give us your questions, your concerns, and share your stories to help others.


Let’s ELM!

*We are still accepting contributing writers for this ELM Conversation. Contact us if interested.