What is Happiness to Millennials?


Happiness is having sunshine from the inside out!


I have always loved writing! In fact, I can’t remember when I didn’t want to write. As a young child I remember creating stories and poetry. Over time, I realized that one of my passions was also to help people, so I began to merge the two and write more inspiring and motivating stories about my life, and advice for others, especially millennials.


We have it a little different than most generations do. Ours is really the first to start using things like the media and technology on an every day basis, and it has mixed reviews from young adults and teens that I’ve talked to. Millennials are also more prone to becoming depressed, anxious, or bored, which is another large reason why I think it’s important for people like me- people who always try to see the bright side- to share their story.


The millennial generation is one that is crucial- we are the growing and changing face of the future, and that is why we need all the help we can get from older, wiser generations, and those who are willing to share their stories just as I am doing here. I sincerely hope you can find something in my writing, and take away information to share with others who could benefit from it.

The question that I have and many others, young and old is:

“How do I determine happiness, and how do I keep or get more of it in my life?”


I, as a millennial, define happiness as the ability to obtain, maintain, and regain inner peace with yourself, your environment, and those around you. Happiness is essential to us. It keeps us healthy and motivated, and ensures that we have a more positive view of things.


Happiness allows us to find joy in the small things. Happiness creates a feeling that makes us energized and confident, and ready to take on what comes are way. There are no doubt going to be times where we aren’t happy, but that’s only natural, right? I think it’s crucial that we learn how to balance out emotions.


A piece from a post I wrote recently says this, “throughout life, there are going to be countless times where someone is going to bring out a negative emotion or reaction. But it’s important to understand something:


“You don’t have to give the person the power to ruin your mood. You have the ability to NOT be affected.”


I like this quote because I think its important for everyone to understand. Happiness comes from the inside. You are always in control of your emotions, and how you feel at any moment.


There are definitely times in life that can challenge this. Something else we must learn (especially as millennials) is that sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay.


I say “especially for millennials” because at this young age we are still developing and growing, and we are influenced every day by new material from media and society.


We have been trained, almost, to believe that if we feel, we are weak. That if we react negatively, we are the one in the wrong. But happiness also comes from earning it. Sometimes you must fight for it, and that’s okay.


Happiness is something that’s always been an important factor in my life. And happiness starts on the inside. You have the power to choose how you feel, so why not feel happy?


I’d love to hear feedback, advice, or any stories you can share about happiness for the millennials in your circle. In addition, I’d love to hear what is happiness to you? How do you stay happy? I’m willing to learn and pass it on as well!



Julie is a nineteen year old who recently graduated high school. She has Cerebral Palsy, but doesn’t let that hold her back! She looks forward to becoming a certified Life Coach, and obtaining a degree in psychology. Helping people succeed is her passion, as well as hiking, working out, and writing. You may reach Julie at www.thecontinuationproject.wordpress.com or email Julie at jujubead57@frontier.com