When I said “I do”


We all have our dreams of how we wish for things to be.  Most of these dreams are thought up at a young age and they carry us through our journey of life.


But things don’t always go as we plan and there is a reason for this.  Everything happens in life for a reason. 


When my husband proposed to me 14 years ago, I had dreams of continuing my career in sales.  I had been very successful in this field and really enjoyed it.  Some had said I had a natural gift in sales because of my drive and determination.  But I just felt it came easy.  I loved meeting new people, building relationships and making sales.  I had hopes to work many years to build a financial nest egg that would support a family we would grow together.  Most thought I would rise to the top of my career but instead I rose to my legacy and this was to raise a family.  With my husband, as a team we would grow and create something bigger than any promotion.

We would build a family to walk a beautiful path with. 


Life does always go by your plan because sometimes people can make you change your perspective to align with theirs.  This often happens when you are in love.  You may even shift your dreams to something new after enlightenment from another.  My husband was this enlightenment.  He had other plans, being a few years older and after we were married had our first daughter, Ava.  We then learned to adjust to our new role as parents while still discovering more about our life as a married couple.


Life was not all roses and rainbows.  We went through financial stress that any new couple might encounter.  Buying our first home; which was a condo near my husband’s work.  Then juggling a new baby, with all the stress and excitement of our ever changing life.  And trying to make time for each other; life with a baby requires a great deal of care and attention. 


But at the end of the day, we always worked everything out.  We hugged, made light of our stress and conquered life day by day. I guess we both were just thankful to have found one another.


Shortly after our first child, we tried for a second baby and quickly succeeded to become pregnant with our next daughter, Ella.  Ella was a great addition to our family.  She was very spunky and full of life.  There was never a dull day with her.  And we could not be happier.  Life was busy as ever.  I was now personal training, running my own weight loss bootcamp, along with working as a running coach.  And we were embracing every bit of life.  We would wake up hearing our 19 month old daughter, Ava and 1 month old daughter, Ella singing.  Life was sweet as it could be and things could not have been better in our two bedroom condo. It was small and although we often felt on top of one another, we were content being together.  But as the years passed and we continued to accumulate toys; we decided it was time to move to a bigger home.


We has both had hopes to have another child and with this, we needed another bedroom.  So we looked around locally and one day on a run, I discovered a beautiful home that would become our next chapter.  Later that day I walked through on an open house and within a few days we had made an offer, of which they accepted. 


Fast forward several years later, I got pregnant with our third child, Brent; our first son.  He was (and still is) an active boy with constant energy which made us feel like we should soon expand our home or consider moving yet again.  We wanted more land for him to play on.  But as life would have it, being so busy training clients and my husband working at his company, our plans got side lined.  And we were content as life was, with our three children, living close to a local park with many friends in the area.  When I said I do on our wedding day, I guess I pictured it all just this very way. But the next few years we tried for one more child, despite our busy lives running around taking the kids to sports; because we decided we wanted four children.

But as life would have it, things have a way to happening the way they are supposed to and we finally agreed life with three was just perfect. 


Then just before Christmas we were blessed with the best news ever, we were expecting a fourth child.  We soon found out we were having a girl.  In fact, the day I found out I nearly fell off my treadmill as the doctor’s office called lightly mentioning the gender.  Three girls and a boy, living our dream in the beautiful journey of life.  Now with four children, we decided it was time to broaden our horizons and move to our forever home.  Our goals slightly changed through the years and we now wanted more land, a larger home for our growing family and a neighborhood we fit into.  And that it just what we did, we sold our home and found our dream.

And here we lie coloring in the picture of our new life each day. When I said “I do,” I knew we would work together for our dreams and we did just this. Every day as not all roses and rainbows. We have had many ups and downs but we always worked things through as a team. We have disagreements just like any couple but we work this out and come up with solutions. 


We both had dreams of this very life and together we made this into our reality.  If you are reading thinking how does this relate to me, let me tell you; this is just about living out your dream.  If you can dream it, you can do it.  And know that your dreams may change as you fall in love.

All you have to do is set a plan, be prepared and work with your partner every step of the way.  Because life truly is what you make of it.  Don’t wait for life to happen to you, go ahead and make life happen!




Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog, funfitmama.com