Embrace Happiness


I watch the world around me as it moves in its fast pace way and I remind myself to stop and be thankful for today.


Between the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities, it is easy to forget all the good that is in the present. I often pause to take a deep breath because it seems like the day is in fast forward sometimes while I’m running around conquering tasks. Enjoying the day with whatever the weather presents takes on a whole new outlook of positivity. You’ll begin to realize that without rain, the flowers would not grow. Also, you begin to notice that without rainy days we would not appreciate the sun! There are so many reasons to smile each day.


As a mom of 4 children, my life has dramatically changed throughout the years. It is a rare day when I am not with a child. It’s almost unforeseen that I spend a day away from everyone. Yet, I have grown to appreciate this time. I remain aware that my children will not be with me forever. I also am thankful that they want to be with me as much as they can (and this is not just because I pay for everything). 


They complete me as I complete them, and I do not just love them because they are my children, I love the individuals they are growing into! I embrace the life that I have. I see the brightness of colors each day. I realize I have been dealt this set of cards because this is the beautiful life I was meant to live. Here is how you can have clarity and greatness in the perception of your own life.


Wake Up with a Smile


Every day I wake up, I smile and think of all that I am grateful for. I accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative from the start of the day! Look around, there are so many wonderful reasons to smile. Smile for the sun, the stars and the moon. Smile for the great people that are in your life. Remember to smile for the roof over your head!


Starting your day with a smile will help you to begin with positivity. If you are positive, you will be more likely to succeed in all aspects of your life. I bet you have a beautiful smile—no one will ever know unless you smile and spread positivity to the world.


Enjoy Where You Are


I often tell my husband to just enjoy what we have today. It is so easy to look at what we want in our lives, and then get caught up in materialism. But the most wonderful things in life do not cost a dime. Enjoy today and where you are because you are here for a reason.


Overcome Obstacles


Not every day is roses and rainbows. Some days are dark where everything doesn’t go your way. Maybe you had trouble in your workout and this was what started your day off on the wrong foot. Or maybe your day is just plain awful. These days can be frustrating and truly exhausting.


A positive outlook will help you navigate the darkness, along with forward thinking in just how you can move past these problems. Some of the most successful people have been through the most adversity, but they know to approach this head-on and move forward.


Avoid the Comparison


Instead of comparing yourself to the people around you, just be happy with who you are. Comparisons can be exhausting, especially if you feel like you do not measure up. Try to be happy with who you are and stop comparing yourself. Make a list of positive affirmations you can tell yourself in the mirror—it really helps to hear it out loud! People who compare themselves live in distorted realities, often thinking they are less than what they are. So, enjoy who you are and all that you have to offer.


Use Every Day as a Lesson


Recently, our home was struck by lightning and we had significant damage, so much damage we had to go through our insurance plan. An adjustor showed up to assess the damage and we ended up talking about life, after he reviewed all the damage, of course. My husband laughed at me because I often get in long-winded conversations with people. The people I encounter always want to keep talking to me, as do I! I think this is a great approach because I use every day as a lesson, and I take it all in.


In my conversation with the insurance adjustor, we talked about his past experiences with people in similar situations as us and then about the closeness of family. Every person has a story to tell, so be the ear to listen. Take what you can from these conversations to be lessons to better your life and those around you.


So, look up and be thankful, embrace the beauty of your life today and remember that every single day is a gift. It’s your choice in whether to acknowledge happiness from sunrise to sunset!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog, funfitmama.com