Pay Attention to the Details


As a personal trainer for well over ten years, I hear conversations and accounts from people of all walks of life. I have daily lessons I learn from my clients and I choose to use this for the greater good.


The other day, a new lesson was presented when a personal training client of mine mentioned how as we get older, time seems to slip away. One day goes into the next and it is easy to get swept away in time.


She compared adulthood to childhood, explaining how time goes much slower for children because they have events to look forward to; whether it is a basketball game that weekend, a kid’s party or even the anticipation of moving on to the next grade.


Just a few days can seem like an eternity as they anticipate the next event. For children, there are many events to look forward to. In adulthood, there are many responsibilities, duties and daily tasks, all which can feel overwhelming and make life feel like it is passing you by.


As a mother of four children, I can relate because I see my children all looking forward to the next event while my chapters of life are in fast-forward.


I am looking at how I can squeeze in all the activities, cook, clean and work. With all these tasks, my days fly by. But before feeling like life is slipping away, there is a way to get a grasp and make things seemingly slow down. Here is how I am doing it and how you can to!


Take a Deep Breath


Look around at the sun in the sky, the beauty of the day and take a deep breath. Take in all the beauty of your surroundings and realize the many blessings. Get out of the fast lane and slow down while you take it all in. Simple gifts like the wind on your face, running in the warm rain or hearing the waves in the ocean; you can enjoy all this and more if you slow down. Do not let life pass you by; enjoy life and all that is has to offer and just take a moment.


These moments of thankfulness happen most on my runs when I am taking in the scenery of my miles or feeling the wind on my face. Because this is the time I am removed from all the must-do tasks, I can take in the beauty of the world and I am reminded how every day is a gift.


Make a List


I am a huge list maker because this is one of the best ways to conquer a lot of tasks and to ensure a day does not go by without accomplishing your goals. It is also a great way to break up the day and go to bed feeling accomplished. So, start each day by creating a list. In this list, add all your tasks, along with simple things you should do like stopping to stare at the horizon. Be thankful for all the good of each day!


Sign Up for a Race


Fitness lovers and wannabes, one of the best ways to slow down time is to sign up for a race. This can be a running race, biking or whatever floats your boat. By committing to a race, you will have a goal in sight to help you get organized in training, along with something to look forward to. I sign up for several marathons every year so I have something to look forward to and train for. This is also another way to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Plan a Vacation


Set your sights on somewhere warm and relaxing or adventurous by planning your next vacation. This will give you the anticipation you need to look forward to for your future. This vacation can also help to ignite your fitness motivation to get in your best shape for your excursion. Just like a child looking forward to summer break, you will find yourself counting down the days until you get away for vacation!


My family is in the process of planning our vacation right now and I find myself feeling excited with anticipation like a child waiting for Christmas or their birthday. It’s always great to have something to look forward to!


Have a Game Night


Regardless of age, everyone should play games to break away from reality and let go. Monopoly, Scrabble, Twister and Pictionary are just a few of my favorite games that helps my family live in the moment. If your friends are up for it, you can make this a monthly night that everyone looks forward to. As you anticipate game night each month, you will find your life seeming to slow down and life will seem even brighter.

Smile and Don’t Let Life Slip Away


There are so many wonderful reasons to smile each day. I recently underwent a vascular surgery and even though it was scary, I was thankful that the physician caught these health issues and resolved it. The surgery was successful!


Good health, family, and friends are just a few of the many reasons to smile each day. Sometimes you have to stop to think about just what these reasons are—but there are certainly many. Be sure to smile, be thankful and seize each and every beautiful day!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,