Running on a new path


As you march into 2018 strong and motivated with your list of New Year’s resolutions, you should add “start running,” because it can seriously change your life—and help you reach some of your other goals in the process. 


Just hitting the pavement with a regular running schedule can transform your body and your life. Once you become a runner you will be a stronger and more balanced.  You will have more energy, tone your body and lose weight. Not convinced just yet? As a personal trainer and your health writer, let me share with you just why you should embark on the amazing workout of running in 2018. Let’s look!


Get shredded


Since running is one of the highest calorie burning exercises, next to jumping rope, if you want to lose weight, then running is simply a no-brainer. It’s a great way to slim down, shape up and see some serious results. Lace up your running shoes, put your hair in a ponytail and head out to the streets for a great run. It’s as simple as that.


Do not overthink or you may not get it done! If you overthink exercise, your contemplation can talk yourself right out of it. So just do it!


Lower or Eliminate Stress


It’s amazing how exercise rids your body of unwanted stress. As a runner, I can share from personal experience. Running is the ultimate stress reliever.


I’ve worked out many problems over the course of a run. I have thought of the best solutions to problems in my life and always finish with a smile.


Running will have your brain producing endorphins— those happy chemicals that will make you feel even less stress. This will have you solving problems, smiling and finishing your runs feeling stress-free! The only workout that will put you in a bad mood is the one you did not do, so get out for a daily dose of running!


Enjoy Yourself


It’s a rare day when I do not find myself having fun on my run. Even if I start out not feeling so great, within a few miles, it is like magic, I always feel better. Maybe it is the feeling of accomplishment or the breeze in the air, but I always have a blast. If you do not believe me, put on your running sneakers and put your body to the test! I promise you that you will not regret it. I often feel like people do not realize the miles run are what is behind my smile. This is one of my many reasons that I smile and feel self -satisfaction!


Better your health


It’s incredible just how much change for the better exercise can do. If you choose to run you will have better health markers and feel healthier daily. You may notice your cholesterol lowering and even your heart rate getting to healthier number because of your continued efforts in exercise. You are becoming stronger both inside and out.


Just look at those toned, tight legs that you got from your runs! And guess what, you earned it!
Increase your Immune System

Boost your immune system from the investment in your health by choosing to run. You will find yourself with less colds and feel better generally. On the rare occasion you do get sick, it will leave your body rather quickly. You will miss work less and just feel an extra spring in your step by choosing to be a runner. The countless benefits you will experience due to running are amazing!


Make new fit friends


As a lifelong runner, I have met so many new running friends through races and my running club. These are people I consider my second family and I will be changed forever because of these relationships I have created. You can meet so many new people with a similar passion for running and you can bond together over a run.


Feel better about yourself


As you slim down, become stronger and conquer your personal running goals you will become more confident as a result. Since running is an individual sport, you will revel in your own personal accomplishment with every quickened running time, longer distance and completion of each run!


Earning a medal


I’m not going to lie: I love collecting medals at the end of the races I finish, and even better, the races I win! Whether it is a 5K, half or full marathon…earning a medal rocks! There are so many different, unique medals and each one tells a different story of the battle I overcame in a different running experience. They’re fantastic… I mean, how many other things will you do in life that you’ll get a medal for?


So, make sure you get running this year and get in your best shape one step at a time!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,