A Fit Girl’s Guide


As a fitness and health enthusiast and trainer for countless years, I can share with you the tricks of the trade that all fit girls know. Most of these tricks are learned from gaining experience, listening to a trainer or even from reading informative articles.


Expanding your knowledge can help you to achieve your goals.


These tricks can help you fight the battle of the bulge, get in your best shape and stay on track daily. So, tune in to tone up with these tricks of the trade that all fit girls know!


Tighten Your Muscles


Did you know you can make the most of each exercise if you simply become engaged?


Engage the muscles you are working as you perform each exercise. I do this with every exercise and this along with diet has helped me to achieve a six pack—even after four children. With every repetition, engage your muscles and work hard to achieve amazing results.


Make Mind/Muscle Connection


Studies have proven that making a mind/muscle connection with every exercise can increase the results you achieve. So, think about your biceps being targeted as you perform bicep curls, concentrate on your triceps as you perform dips and transfer this mindset to all your exercises. I even make this connection when I perform cardio workouts; I think about why I am doing this; whether it is training for a marathon or even staying fit to keep up with four active kids.


That’s why fit girls look so focused at the gym. They are focusing!


Focus on the Cardio


Work your cardiovascular system as you get shredded with a daily cardio workout. The more you perform your cardio workout, the more you will find yourself craving this exercise, as this becomes a mental and physical part of your life. It becomes a habit.


In all my clients’ experiences, once they get on a regular routine, they begin to crave exercise. 


As you get stronger, you will be able to push yourself with a higher heart rate for longer to make the most out of every cardio move. Fit girls absolutely love their cardio for this very reason!


Don’t Ignore the Weights


Ignore the confusing misinformation out there on pumping iron. So many women are fearful that lifting weights will make them big and this is so not the case.


Lifting weights will tone, tighten and even boost your metabolic rate. As you build lean muscle you will burn more when at rest. Fit girls know this and they lift weights several times a week for this very reason. You will also see less wiggle and jiggle in those problem areas because of weight lifting. So, pump some iron and get in your best shape!


Change Up the Workouts


The same daily routine of the elliptical and abs is not going to cut it if you want to start seeing serious results. You should push yourself, stay challenged and break the boredom of the same routine.


Break out of your stale routine and switch it up! Lift weights, perform cardio, circuits and even add high intensity to alter your workout style. Don’t be afraid to try Bootcamp, or whatever other class you are ready to challenge yourself for. Fit girls are fitness daredevils who are always ready to try a new routine and make the most out of each day!


Double Your Workouts for Quicker Results


double workout may not seem like the highlight of your day but it can seriously boost your metabolism, energy and results. On my tired days, I find a surge of energy after a double workout and it seriously gives me a second wind for the day. For this reason, I perform double workouts three days per week. Fit girls do a double routine a few days a week for this exact reason—and the truth lies in the results they achieve.


You get out what you put in, so give it all you got!


Combine Healthy Eating and Exercise


If you want to achieve amazing results, you cannot live in both worlds. You cannot fuel your body with unhealthy foods and expect to see great results.  Most importantly, you cannot skip your workouts on a regular basis and expect to see optimal results.


Choose to change your lifestyle for the better with healthy eating and exercise and your results will reflect this.  Even on holidays I still stay on track, I utilize moderation so I do not fall off the wagon because I have made a lifelong decision to eat better for my health and happiness.


I promise it is all worth it in the end!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog, funfitmama.com