Frolic & Play


As a fitness guru and healthy mom of four, I have planned countless holiday activities to get the heart rate up, bond with the family and still have a blast during the winter months. There is absolutely no reason you cannot combine fun and fitness.

Let’s face it—with holiday events, there are numerous decedent dishes that do not make it easy to stay on track to a health plan. Without extra fitness activity comes holiday extra pounds which is not the way you want to head into the New Year.


So, you should make every move matter to combat weight gain. Small changes add up to make a tremendous difference. Have a blast this holiday season while still getting your fit on with these great calorie burning holiday activities!




Whether it is cross-country skiing or downhill skiing, you can get your fit on with your family and friends during the holiday season. Skiing is a great way to get in shape while enjoying the great outdoors in the cooler months. If you live in a warmer area, you can always travel for the fluffy white stuff while you work on your skiing moves!


Ice skating


Although there are many indoor rinks, ice skating is just one of those activities you think of when the winter months come. So, check out the local rinks, layer up and get moving to avoid feeling frosty. You may surprise yourself with just how quickly you warm up, especially if you pick up some speed when you are skating. Therefore, you should dress in layers, you can layer down if necessary. You’ll get a super effective workout in as well!


Playing in the snow


Frolic and play the eskimo way and play in the snow this holiday season!


There have been many years we build our own snow family, snow caves and attempts at other sculptures and let me tell you this was a fun activity! Playing in the snow is not only a great way to bond with your family or friends but also a great way to burn some mega calories. Lifting large balls of snow to make a snowman is not for the faint at heart! So have a blast while you get your calorie burn on in the process!


Household Chores


Preparing for a holiday party is no joke if you are the person that’s hosting. This means serious dusting, vacuuming, cleaning of the floors and even outdoor preparation. We often go the extra mile in outdoor decorations if we’re hosting a holiday gathering. The great news for you is that you can see super results from your holiday preparation because you will be burning extra calories!


Put in a little extra muscle as you wipe off the fireplace and clean the mirrors because it all adds up!




Holidays are a fantastic reminder to be thankful, show gratitude to others and do what you can to make positive change in this great big world. You can do just this by volunteering at a shelter, cooking food for a soup kitchen or even cleaning out your closets and donating clothes.

You get what you give in life so be selfless and make a change by volunteering! The holidays are a reminder that you should be helpful and generous in life today and everyday throughout the year.


Turn your holiday shopping into a workout


Turn your holiday shopping into a super effective workout this holiday season by parking further away, ditching the shopping cart and avoiding the elevators. These few simple choices can help you to burn off the holiday cheer (or beer) and get your fit on. I always find myself making the most of the day, squeezing in workouts when I can, even if it is during holiday shopping!


And if you want a break from the cold…


Last, but most certainly not least, my favorite holiday tradition is to book a trip to an indoor water park for holiday break.


Usually we head to Great Wolf Lodge—locations can be found all over the US. On this trip, you can head to the mountains to ski, go hiking and finish the day at the waterpark. This also doubles as a stocking stuffer for the kids. When you’ve had enough of the cold, you can take a break and head indoors to the lodge. Stay overnight in a loft suite with a fireplace and bask in the warmth after a great day of activity! On a side note, they even have an awesome gym!


So, don’t turn into a hermit this holiday season. Get out in the great outdoors while getting your fit on. Let me know, what is your favorite holiday activity?



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,