The Happy Chemical


A long time ago I became addicted to an amazing feeling that picked me up, made me happy and elevated my energy. I felt like the sun shined brighter, the air was cleaner and I was living life to the fullest when I had this dose of happiness. This is a product of endorphins, the happy chemicals produced by exercise.


Just 30 minutes of exercise and I was like a new woman. Happier, healthier, more energy and I often seemed lighter because, this chemical release in the brain can have you feeling less stressed and more alive.


Studies show that endorphins are the chemical response to pain, so it is believed that the brain is responding to the feeling of pain from exercise. Whatever the reason may be, the body sure is amazing and there is a reason for everything! Here is the breakdown of endorphins so you can take advantage of this amazing feeling too.


How Long?


It can be confused just how long you need to exercise to feel the rush of endorphins, most believe it to be longer then what it is. In fact, in just 20-30 minutes you can feel this rush of happy chemicals that will make you want to smile. I often feel this in the first few miles of my run and then I become less fatigued and more comfortable. Every passerby can see this look of comfort after I am running for just a mile. This is like cruise control in a car, as your body seems to coast along.


What Kind of Exercise?


It was long believed that running was the only exercise that produced endorphins but new research demonstrates that all exercise can produce them.


Endorphins are not discriminatory, they ae released in all forms of exercise.


So, whether you choose to lift weights or push yourself in cardio, you can enjoy the benefits of endorphins. These endorphins can literally lift you up and transform your day.




You would think the harder you exercise, the more immediate and greater the endorphins, right? You will benefit the most by gradually increasing the intensity. Start out with a light jog and pick up the pace as you go. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race and this is the case in the release of endorphins.


After Effects


Sometimes after doing something a long time, the effects can wear off. Thankfully, this is not the case when it comes to endorphins.


Even after decades of running, I still can feel the effects of endorphins after just a few miles of running. These happy chemicals have changed the way I approach the world as a trainer, mother, wife and individual. It’s incredible and something you can easily integrate into your life if you simply exercise. Don’t believe me? Try it and experience the amazement!


Used in Addiction


Long used as a therapy for drug addicts, exercise can produce endorphins that can help addicts to break their addiction. This is the best way for addicts to convert their life on a healthier track. Some of the best fitness success stories are from people that struggled with addictions. Let exercise save your mind and body. Do not let an addiction take over your life—reclaim your life by getting on a regular routine of exercise.


You Can Change Your Life


If you are not hooked on exercise just yet, you need to be. Exercise can literally transform your life. Because of the release of endorphins, you will feel better about yourself and your perspective on the world will even become more positive. In just 30 days of establishing a routine, you will adopt this new healthy habit of exercise and it will become second nature in your life!


No Age Discrimination


There is no age discrimination when it comes to endorphins. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can benefit from endorphins with just 20 minutes of daily exercise. 


I enjoy this even more as I get older because I can feel the difference on the days I do not exercise. I can also feel the difference on the days that I do not exercise until later in the evening. Endorphins set the stage for a happier, less stressed day! Make sure you get your daily dose!


Successful People


It is no coincidence that many people that exercise just so happen to be successful. From celebrities to political candidates to our great military; being fit plays an important role.


As a result, you will have more energy, make better choices, feel less stressed and be more likely to succeed! Could all this be from having the release of endorphins from exercise? Absolutely! Carve time for your workouts every day! 



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,