Staying Fit All Year Long


As we enter September, we are getting ready for the Harvest Season. This is a time of autumn, where the leaves on the trees change colors, the kids go back to school to start their new level of education, and our work cycles begin again.


To help you transition from summer to fall, consider investing in a balanced and consistent fitness routine to enhance your overall happiness and well-being.


When I attended the School of American Ballet during my childhood/teen years, a fellow student—Kathryn Morgan—who was a level ahead of me, was always an inspiration of mine. She was strong, elegant and simply beautiful to watch in every dance. She currently has her own YouTube channel which she devotes to providing ballet barre classes for all levels. I personally love taking her class once every week or so if I am not able to get to a public class or when my schedule is all booked up. You can do these various workouts in the comfort of your own home and during any weather, whether that is summer or winter. I also teach my own Ballet Barre Classes, so let me know if you are interested in a personal or group class for anyone in the NYC area!


One of my favorite TV show actresses from Full House, Candace Cameron Bure, loves working out with resistance bands and a ballet barre.


“One of the workout tools that takes up the least amount of space — but really helps you torch calories — is resistance bands.” – House Beautiful


Think portable workout devices. These greatly assist us in our goals towards reaching those fitness results that we desire with minimal effort. Use a chair at your home (or a ballet barre at your gym) for this move: Put a resistance band around your thighs while holding onto a chair/ballet barre while dipping into a plié position with your heels raised and then slowly bringing your knees together and then back apart. This is a great way to build toned muscle, strength, and flexibility all at once.


Pilates is another sure way to burn those extra calories and ultimately get your body in tip top shape as it specializes in intense core workouts to give you the results you want.


“Pilates is a low-impact workout that builds strength and endurance. It can improve your balance and posture, making everyday activities easier and more difficult ones (like running and cycling) less challenging.” – Time Out


I love doing Pilates in the early morning before work or after a long day at work. It gives a great feeling of calmness and meditation even through the intense combinations and movements that challenge every part of the body. After each class, you come out dripping in sweat, which means your body has really released a lot of toxins through the sweat. New York Pilates and Core Pilates NYC are just 2 great options to choose from, and if you are located in NYC, check out the entire list of available Pilates studios/classes in The best Pilates studios in NYC.


There you go fellow fitness lovers! Now is the perfect time to start working out for your own fitness goals. Through the changing seasons, remember to modify whatever workout you feel best fits your body at any given time.


Go easy, have fun, and release all your stress through all your workouts to come. Which form of fitness are you currently obsessed with?



Levita Galinsky is an avid lifestyle journalist, a professional ballet dancer (trained at the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center), and a Pre-med Psychology graduate. She aims to help people live a more authentically balanced life through positive mindset exercises centering around self-expression. To connect with Levita visit her website and Facebook