Exercising Throughout the Seasons


As we bid farewell to summer, we say goodbye to warm weather, more hours of daylight and extra motivation to fit into clothing with less coverage.


It’s much harder to hide an extra ten pounds when in swimwear or shorts, but way nicer to head to the beach or go swimming in a pool. As time would have it, summer is quickly coming to an end! It certainly seemed like it flew by this year. With the season transition to fall comes a later sunrise, less daylight hours and cooler temperatures. On the upside of this, the fall season has many benefits—like a more structured schedule. If you have children, this will be the time they head back to school and you can get back into a routine of sports and other extracurricular activities.


As busy as things get, people adapt and do much better with a solid structure; this goes for both adults and children.


In my personal life, with 4 children, as sad as I am when they head back to school, I also realize how important it is to establish a routine. It is much easier to manage time with a schedule. So, after the first week of bus schedules and adjusting and some tears, I adapt to this change.


There is no better time than to get back into a new workout routine. This helps to manage life changes and re-establish health goals!


People often use the fall season to re-establish their health routines. With summer vacation, we often find ourselves not making the healthiest food choices. It is tough to stay on track when on vacation. I find it almost impossible. I feel like every vacation when I tried to do this I ended up feeling stressed. It is not so easy to eat healthy when food is not prepared in your own kitchen. Let’s face it, there is no way to control the ingredients.


Get back on track and let fall be your reset period to get back to your health. After you establish a regular exercise schedule it is usually linear with the food choices you make.


It becomes a transformation of your daily choices. You cannot outrun a bad diet so make sure to better your health with the choices you make across the board! Get on a fall fitness schedule that works best for you!


Cooler temperatures come along with the change of season to fall and with this you may find it easier to exercise. It’s much more comfortable running in 60 degrees than running in 90 degrees. I often feel like fall temperatures push me to run stronger, longer and faster. I almost feel like someone is shoving me along to give it my all. I feel like I have an extra spring in my step. With the season changes, allow this to fuel you to be all that you can be. Every day we make choices that prepare us for what our future holds.


With cooler temperatures comes different athletic wear. Dress in layers to ensure you are comfortable. Fall mornings can be crisp enough that you need to have a long sleeve shirt when you start your workout. 


But within 20 minutes or so, you may be wanting to layer down. Dress in layers so you always feel in your comfort zone. This is the same with gloves or a hat; be prepared to layer down. Fall weather is crisp and cool but if you push yourself, this will be a good gage in whether you warm up from effort to discard layers. I always wind up with a pile of clothes along the course of my run, which I end up picking up later!


As the leaves changes in fall from green to orange, red and yellow; take it all in and enjoy. Looking at the foliage can have mental relaxation effects on the brain and help you to reset yourself. You will find yourself less stressed and enjoy the change of seasons even more.


So, take a deep breath and enjoy the visual beauty around! Let the world be your gym and use this season to motivate you to give it your all!


Enjoy the simple things that seasonal changes can offer. The sound and feel of leaves as they crunch under each foot strike of your run or hike can be what motivates you to get out the door. The smell of the cool, crisp fall air. The time to pick apples and go on hayrides—fall is a wonderful season with so many things to look forward to. Just make sure that fitness is one of your priorities of the season and be sure to “fall” into fitness!


Make it your goal to embrace the change of season and start a new fitness and health routine. Enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables of fall and the activities that go along with this crisp, cool and colorful season!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog, funfitmama.com