Little Effort, Big Results!


Ladies, if you do not have any super ambitious athletic goals, don’t stress. This does not mean you cannot achieve results. 


Even the sometimes-lazy lady can get in her best shape. As a certified trainer for well over a decade, I know just what to do. In fact, this article was inspired by a client of mine who lived just this very way; looking to get in shape without overdoing it. She was never into fitness, but by her late forties, due to weight gain and lack of energy, she knew it was time to make a change. Because of trainer-client confidentiality, I have changed her name to Rebecca in this article.


Rebecca is one amazing woman who literally transformed her life because of her changes.


Are losing weight and extreme fitness not your thing? It’s okay, just own it. This is nothing you should feel embarrassed about because everyone has different goals. Let me share some weight loss tips that do not require endless hours of dedication. You do not have to lose your time and spend all your energy working towards these goals.


Sometimes it is okay to be a little lazy and just do what works best for you. If you are busy at work or school, sometimes time is of the essence and you just have to do what works best for you and your busy lifestyle.




If you are not one for high-impact exercise, bring it down a notch and go for a walk. Rebecca was not into endless hours of exercise because she had never worked out prior to our program. But that did not stop her from achieving amazing results. In fact, she walked her way to her best shape! You can too!


Maybe due to medical reasons, you have to avoid high impact exercise or it just may not be your choice of exercise. That does not mean you are destined to fitness failure. Great news! Walking is a great way to lose weight without the high impact of exercises like running.


Take it easy and do what works for you.


As a trainer, I have clients of all ages and fitness levels. They all achieve great results regardless of their level because they do what works for the. So, find what works for you! Remember, every step, high intensity or not, will bring you one step closer to your goal!


Just 10 Minutes


Often, you may think of exercise as timed torture that seems to go on forever. Well, relax, take a deep breath and think small. Start out small with just 10 minutes of exercise and build to more when you are ready. Rebecca followed this gradual exercise plan, which helped her to stay on track without overdoing it! I find this makes fitness much less intimidating and you may even find yourself craving more exercise.


So, start slow by starting with jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, leg lifts and the plank. Every little bit really does count.


Start Parking Far Away


Stop wasting time driving around and looking for a spot at the grocery store. Not only is this a waste of time but it’s lazy. Let’s be honest: we have all done it at one time or another. Make a change by parking farther away and bring your “lazy girl” status up to more active. Rebecca found this to be tough because she is a creature of habit and was used to parking close to her destination. This small change made her feel the lifestyle change she had chosen.


If you are up for a challenge, leave your cart at the store and carry your bags to your car, regardless of how far away you parked! I find I walk quicker this way because I want to unload my groceries in the car because my arms are burning from carrying the load!


Become a Mall Walker


You know the mall walker you always wondered about? Well, guess what? You just may become one…because it seriously works. If window shopping while you slim down appeals to you, you may want to head to the mall. Walk away your weight and stress as you glance at the latest in fashion. Rebecca was not into the mall walking idea, but another client of mine actually gets to the mall before the stores open. She walks quickly and finds this is the best plan for her because she can get her exercise in year round, regardless of the outdoor weather.


Drink Up


Go ahead and grab that martini glass and fill it with water. Not super exciting, I know, but as you see the difference in the aid of digestion and weight loss, you will want to drink more of this clear goodness. Nothing quenches your thirst better than water! I often avoid alcohol because it is wasted calories and I would much rather enjoy a meal than waste my calories on a beverage. Rebecca would keep a log of her water and food intake to ensure she was on track until this became a regular part of her life. Small changes add up to make a big difference!


Dance the Night Away


If you are not up for traditional exercise, you are not alone.


So, call it lazy, lack of motivation, whatever; I promise you can burn calories without feeling like working out, all you have to do is shake your hips. Put on your favorite song or head out with your friends to dance the night away! Try something a little more formal and head to a restaurant that has salsa dancing. Rebecca did just this with her husband on Thursday and Saturdays.


Between dancing and our training sessions twice per week, she lost over 70 pounds!


Let Someone Else Do the Prep


If you are lazy when it comes to cooking—or maybe work leaves you little time to prepare healthy meals—I understand. This does not mean you are doomed to eat fast food meals and throw your weight loss plan down the drain. Visit your local healthy restaurant and find out about ordering meals a day or two prior. Or you can check out the countless meal delivery services that are available in your area. You can have a seamless healthy week without countless hours cooking.


An easy way to stay on your healthy, wellthy journey!


Ladies, are you ready to change your life now? Then get on track just like Rebecca—regardless of your age or activity level, there is no time like the present to make a change in your life. You have all the tips to make simple changes now, so you can achieve your goals!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,