Being Your Own Motivation


I am not quick. I am no longer competitive as I was in my childhood years. I am sometimes clumsy. I am sometimes scared. Some days I am hesitant to get outside for a run for these reasons.


When I work out, it may look easy to any passerby, but I am struggling inside. I may not be drenched in sweat but I am sweating inside. 


I am hot, sometimes tired and fearful that I will run out of gas. But I beat to my own drum. That is how I push myself every single day. I am a personal trainer, mother of four, writer, wife, household cook, cleaner and everything in between. I think about this when I work out. I have so many stories, life experiences and thoughts of my days I relive with every run.


Pushing yourself out the door to face the world in fitness is never an easy thing. Maybe it is the fear of defeat against yourself. Or could it be the anxiousness of someone seeing you.


As a runner, you may be worried that your every ounce of body fat is dancing while you run. Someone asked me about this and this had never dawned on me. This is probably because I am always too out of breath to even worry about this. Or maybe you are like me and fear you will run so far away and have a cramp, leaving you in a struggle to get back home. But you somehow muster the energy to get out to exercise to the beat of your own drum.


I believe in myself.
I know I can do this.
This is all within me.


MY mantra keeps me going and fuels every strike of my foot against the pavement. I think, believe and love every bit of my run once I get in the zone. Then I remember why I enjoy exercising solo. I have accomplished 35 marathons and hundreds of shorter races from the 5Ks to much more.


Because of the countless tasks of the day, I find exercise to be the best time to figure out just how I can manage everything else I must get done. This brings me inner peace and helps me to feel alive. Therefore, I wake up every day to revisit solo fitness.


I am tired, I am hungry and I feel super cranky but this is no excuse. I know once I get out there I will be glad that I did.


I am a personal trainer, have trained thousands of lives and written well over a thousand articles on health and fitness—this is second nature. Or so it seems. But on the days that I am tired because of all that I do daily, I push myself to just go. I think of how I feel after I exercise and this pushes me out the door. I revisit thoughts of how I connect with nature during my workouts. I think of how I want to inspire my four children. All of this helps me to get going. Then I prove to myself that a body in motion likes to stay in motion. All it takes it cranking myself up to get going and the rest in history.


I believe I am more than I am.
I know it is all within me.
And I know giving up will cost me more than my physical health, I will lose a part from within me.
I push myself to go.


Life is what you make of it. So, when I set my fitness goals I always set them super high. Sometimes they are so high, I realize later I don’t know how I can attain them. But I do my best to climb the mountain in each workout. Even when I believe I am more than what I am, I succeed because of my desire, confidence and perseverance.


When the going gets tough I push harder.
I know I am only as good as my last workout.
So, I give it all I got and I just go.


If I feel like I cannot go for my work out because I feel sick, the weather is not cooperating or I just don’t feel not into it, I push myself to get out the door. The only regret you will ever have is the workout you skipped. This mentality has pushed me through countless workouts and I have always finished with a smile.


A champion pushes no matter what and they never ever give up. So, channel your inner champion and just go.


Solo workouts are about finding yourself. Digging deep and learning you are more than just a body in motion. Realizing you are more than you even thought. So, believe, put on your workout clothes, lace up your workout sneakers and go. Leave the “I cannots” behind and go for the “Yes I cans!” I promise you will finish your miles with a smile of accomplishment. This is all within you!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,