Fall Into Fitness – Love All of It!


As we head into the fall season it is ultra-important to set health and fitness goals because this is considered a weight gain season after the summer slim down season.  You see, fall can be a tough time with calorie laden soups, pies and many other comfort foods, therefore you can easily pack on the pounds if you lose track of your health and fitness goals.  It will seem like wherever you go, you are tempted with pumpkin flavored lattes, pumpkin pie, and even pumpkin flavored ice cream.  And with the cooler temperatures, people are less inclined to go outside.  Studies show Americans on average consume an extra 200 calories daily in the fall season.  These extra calories paired with the decrease in outdoor activity can be a recipe for weight gain.


Some of this is attributed to early darkness and less sunlight, which can cause us to crave more carbohydrates.  As a personal trainer for countless years, I can attest this is true, and for this reason fall is one of my busiest seasons.  People do not want history to repeat itself so they contact me to help them combat fall weight gain.  Avoid this trap and get on track now with healthy habits that will combat weight gain and may even help you to slim down during the holiday season!


1.       Raking leaves


There are so many ways to enjoy the fall season while focusing on your health.  And this doesn’t have to require you to jump in the car and drive to the gym.  You can get fit right outside your doors while conquering the job of manicuring your lawn by raking leaves.  Raking leaves burns a moderate amount of calories and this along with staying active throughout the day can help you combat fall weight gain!  As a mother of four, I find this a great way to involve my children into accomplishing a chore, while also having fun jumping into leaves!


2.       Make football fitness fun


With the fall season starting, football games begin which often means unhealthy appetizers and lounging on the couch.  But that is not a necessary fate, with a little thought and planning you can make healthy changes.  Cut up veggies and prepare a fruit platter for your appetizer.  Exercise during commercials and make this a focal part of the game day!  I often have plank competitions with my family during commercials or we plan a different exercise during each commercial.  This is a great way to stay fit while embracing the fall season and all that goes along with it!


3.       Head to the farmers market


We are creatures of habit so after a summer of farmers market produce comes to an end and our summer produce favorites are no longer available; we often eat less produce. But there is plenty of fall health harvest to enjoy at your local farmers market.  Eat foods that are seasonal to liven up your menu and you will break the boredom while staying on track to your goals!  I bring the kids along as we pick up Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, squash and a host of other autumn markets faves!  This is a great way to involve the children in choosing their meals and then they are less likely to dawdle at meal time!  Involvement in better your health is always a positive thing to do!


4.       Dress for Fall – and Enjoy It


With temperatures dropping it is natural to want to spend more hours indoors simply because you are cold.  If you dress for the weather you can enjoy the change of climate, regardless of how cold it is that day.  From as early as infancy I would take my children outside to enjoy the weather and today with a 12, 10, 5 and 1 year old; they appreciate all seasons.  There is no reason to hide out inside; dress appropriately and you will appreciate the weather change.  Walking, playing in parks or playgrounds, hiking and a host of other fun physical activities all good ways to keep the metabolism going.  If every day was the same, it would be boring, change is a good thing! 😉


I absolutely love the change of seasons for fitness because there is nothing better than a fall run with the leaves crunching under your feet. 


You may start the run feeling a little cool but within a matter of minutes you will feel amazing.  With the cooler temperatures you will not over heat and you will feel amazing every step of the way.  This tip of advice comes from a girl who just had an amazing twenty mile run this morning running in mid-50 degrees.  And let me tell you it was pure perfection!


6.       Get social


In autumn, there are many craft fairs, Jazz festivals and other local events that will get you outdoors to enjoy the weather while getting some activity.  So get out to enjoy the beautiful season and make the most of the day.  I love the fall events, especially when they involve music since aside from writing, personal training and running; this is my other passion.  Get out and fall in love with fall and all it has to offer!


7.       Limit television


With the cooler temperatures of fall, the line- up of fall tv shows begin which can equal loads of lazy time.  You may find yourself caught up in watching the latest sitcom which will then have you feeling fatigued.  So record your show for late night after you bask in the crisp cool air.  And make sure you set a limit or you can easily go off the charts racking up tv time.  I set limits on my children for their tv along with ipads; 30 minutes each and then they shut off.  This is an easy way to avoid a fight and set healthy habits for their future!


So fall into fitness and health this autumn.  Fully embrace the cool temperatures and use this to motivate you to get in your best shape!  There no time like the present, so start right now!


I’d love to her of your favorite Fall fitness activity!




Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog, funfitmama.com