Stand Up Straighter for Your Health


Around 80% of people at some time in their life will have a lower back injury. This is one of the most common areas of the body to be injured. Although that may seem like a fate you have to face, there is something you can do. Since most of this is due to muscular weakness of the core, you can perform moves to strengthen.


For perfect posture, core strengthening exercises can help tremendously in alleviating your lower back pain. But if you are uncertain how to target your core, where do you begin? As a certified personal trainer for well over a decade, I am here to guide you to eliminate all the guess work and get in your best shape. So, check out these great strengthening moves to increase the strength in your midsection and help you to get in your best shape!


Try a Pilates Workout


Pilates is a great workout for core strengthening and may be just what you need! In about 30 minutes, you can work your pelvic floor along with your total core so you can improve your posture. This is integral for moms because your pelvic floor weakens after having children.


If you do not exercise to strengthen your core, it continues to weaken with time.


This is also important as you get older and your joints become tighter. As you build the strength in your core, you will find yourself standing taller and feeling better. I find that after having four children, I had to work harder to strengthen my core but in the process I felt even stronger. You get out what you put in! Search pilates classes in your area or look around on the internet for exercises to try at home!


30 Minutes with a Pilates Mat


Inhale and exhale your stress away, engage your abs and get ready to strengthen your body with these super core strengthening moves. These exercises will help you to stretch your body out and work everything. Lift your shoulders, tuck in your chin and follow along to these moves. Release the stress as you improve your posture. Each of these meditative moves will renew your day! I guarantee you will feel mentally lighter after you perform these moves!


Try a V Sit


If you want to work your pelvic floor and build the strength in the lower abdominal region, try this V sit exercise. This exercise will help you to condition your core, burn some fat and better your posture. I love this exercise because it is ultra-challenging.


You can feel the burn as you perform each repetition. Loosen your joints as you get the body feeling stronger.


Switch it Up


If you want to be hardcore, you have to work for it. Sometimes you need to step out of your routine to do just this. 


Switch up your normal routine and utilize a balance ball to strengthen your mid and lower back and abdominal region. Follow along with this video to learn effective exercises to help you get fit and fab! The best part about the balance ball is that is a relatively inexpensive tool to work your core and push your body more!


Strengthen Your Lower Back


Since studies show that 80% of people have lower back injuries at some time in their life, it is smart to be proactive. Make life happen, do not wait for life to happen to you.


Let’s help prevent an injury with strengthening exercises. Eliminate lower back pain with these exercises. These exercises can help you to strengthen and just feel better. Follow along and as a result you will better your posture! You will also look leaner because people with strong posture look 10 pounds less then what they are. If that is not a good reason to strengthen with these moves, I don’t know what it!


Become Hardcore


You don’t have to spend all day performing abdominal exercises for a strong core. In fact, a good portion of strengthening can be from just engaging your abs when you are standing.


You can also strengthen your core in just 10 minutes with these exercises. Work on flattening your abs while you better your posture with this effective workout. If you want to have a “model perfect” posture, you have to practice and engage your core to strengthen your body. Feel the body become stronger and as a result you will find yourself standing taller.


Imagine you are wearing a corset and tighten your abs to match this.  


Strengthen your core, improve your posture and be proactive to injuries as a result. All these workouts will help you to whittle your middle, better your posture and lower your risk of a future back injury. What are you waiting for, get to it and perform these super-effective moves starting today!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,