Fun in the Sun


With summer here, you may be asking yourself just how you can keep your children entertained, avoid boredom and keep them happy day in and day out while they are on summer break. If your kids are not joining summer camp, you can find yourself challenged.


Without the regular schedule of classes during school, you may find your children missing a routine. After all, this is one thing they are accustomed to from September to June. So, before they get in a frenzy and fight with one another due to boredom, make plans for them this summer. 


Children work hard all year long during school with classes, deadlines and sports activities, so make the summer spectacular by planning special events that they will look forward to sharing stories about with their friends!


Adventure Days


Step out of your comfort zone and head to a ropes course with the kids, indoor rock climbing, indoor trampoline park or any other adventure you choose. If your children are younger, you can head to an indoor bouncy house facility or any other age-appropriate adventure. Just remember: adventure days are what childhood is all about and this a great way to celebrate summer!


You may rediscover your inner child in the process. I make a field trip with my four children once a week where we do a different adventure to make the most out of summer! This will fuel some great essays when they return to school.


Visiting Parks


There are probably so many different parks you can visit in your area that offer various playground equipment. This is a great way to get the kids out of the house to stay active without breaking the bank (since most parks are free). You will find that summer activities can add up in the amount you spend rather quickly, so visit parks several days a week to save funds for other summer activities!


Movie Madness


Dim the lights, pop some popcorn and put on the kids’ favorite movie for some viewing time.


This is perfect on an extremely hot day or even better on a rainy day when the last thing you want to do is leave the house with the kids. Stay safe and cuddle up with the kids to enjoy a new flick!


Overnight Trips


Vacations don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, especially if they are short overnight trips. If you start your day early on a Saturday and head home on a Sunday evening, you will have two full days to enjoy. We have a few of these trips planned this summer because it a great way to get away without breaking the bank or using vacation days at work, and the kids will have a blast!


Sports Camps  


Depending on your child’s interests, you can sign them up for a week-long camp in sports, arts or even at your church. This is a great way to expose your child to something new and make the most of the summer. 


Of my 4 children, one will be attending a basketball camp, another will be attending an art cam, while another child is participating in a church camp. The baby is too young to join a camp but the other children will have a blast while they are exposed to some new things. What a great way to make the most out of summer.


Crafts at Home


Get crafty this summer and try some DIY projects with your kids. From the simplicity of finger painting to making your own wooden birdhouse, there are so many projects you can create together. This will help you to celebrate summer in style and make new memories! Additionally, crafting with your kids will help you to work as a team to conquer a task. This is a great lifelong lesson to help show you children they can create anything, all they need is belief, instructions and materials. We have made many cool crafts over the summer that serve as great gifts and elements both in and outside the home!


Library Events


Check out your local library to sign up for some summer events. There are many educational activities for children of all ages that are also fun too!


To add some extra fun to learning, you can have a reading challenge for you and the family. Who said a book club needed to be something you had to join outside your home? You can have your very own book club by focusing on one book each week. Then you have reading discussions to share your interpretations. This is a great way to stay on track for your kids’ summer reading list for school.


Neighbor Playdates


If there are children on your block of similar ages of your children, make plans to get together. If you feel comfortable and they are okay with it, you can even invite them with your kids for any of the summer excursions you go to daily. Or you can even have them over for a relaxed marshmallow roast and outdoor play session.


Summer is a great time for new friendships to be made!


So, make the most out of summer with your children and give them great stories to share with their friends when they return to school. Most of all, remember to give them a break.


Life is so short, so make the most out of the gift of time you can spend with them. I know I certainly will enjoy this time together!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,