A resource for you no matter where you are on your healthy lifestyle journey or what path you are following (diet, exercise, etc.).


We believe that: Everybody is Different, and Every ‘BODY’ is Different!


We know that you are multi-faceted, and that your mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being must be included in your roadmap toward 360° Wellness. Our integrated lifestyle App, EnvisionWell’s unique all in one platform, combines medical devices, wearables, content, and gamification in a seamless platform that motivates healthy behavior and gives you control of your well-being.

EnvisionWell’s Core Features

My Personal Body Blueprint (MPBB)

Move beyond the scale to see what your body is made of from the inside out. Track BMI, BMR, lean body mass, body fat percentage, and key data points of measurements, including 100 plus tracking devices. 

Move beyond fitness and track your health data. Access your health records, track your sleep, blood glucose, pulse, temperature, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other critical health data points through medical devices and health data aggregators and kiosks.

My Motivation

Start each day with a motivational nudge to get your day started on the right track.

My Food My Moves

Using barcodes and natural language, tracking food, hydration, and movement is effortless. Our comprehensive food and exercise database is one of the largest in the world

We all need to stay healthy!

Wake up each day with a new motivational message to get you going. Hello. Let’s Envision2bWell

My Articles

One place for vetted articles (curated and original content) and research for engagement, learning, and motivation in our 360° Wellness categories of Aging, Eating, Education, Family, Financial, Fitness, Happiness, Health, Human Rights, Inspiration, Kindness, Relationships, Spirituality, Well-Being, and Work. Envision2bWell!

My Community

Get motivation, support, and tips thru meaningful challenges using gamification and conversations with other like-minded members. Every challenge or conversation has ties to our 360° Wellness categories allowing for collaboration and support.

My Edutainment

Listen or watch visual and audio experiences that are motivational and educational. Tied to our 360° Wellness categories, you get podcasts, video, webinars, and music for learning, exercise, focus, sleep, relaxation, and more.

My Planner

Stay on track by setting and managing your goals. Every feature of the EnvisionWell App can be added to the planner with reminders and follow-ups with alerts and push notifications.