Our focus is on creating a culture of wellness that has a significant impact on employee health and the health of your company

Engagement is critical to creating a culture of wellness.

EnvisionWell’s mobile app provides the tools and data to motivate people to evaluate their behaviors and to develop a plan to improve and moderate the routines that will lead to the improved health and well-being of your company and your employees.

Our Focus

We are a mission-driven company dedicated to driving healthcare costs down while disrupting the digital health & wellness space through our proprietary data-aggregation platform.

Our Focus

Engagement is supported through access to evidence-based health and wellness resources including music, videos (think meditation and fitness), articles, challenges, podcasts, nutrition supports, recipes and individual coaching, all without having to leave the EnvisionWell platform.

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Our Difference

EnvisionWell’s unique all in one platform for smartphones and tablets combines medical devices, wearables, content, and gamification in a seamless integration that motivates healthy behaviors for employees and provides data and metrics for employers.

We Give Solutions!

The EnvisionWell App connects to over 300 plus fitness and health devices putting your employee’s information in one place for ease of access and control.

We Give Solutions!

Health data opens the doors to individualized profiles and recommendations leading to customized employee engagement experiences. Strategic alliances and leading partners provide credible and vetted content for our consumers. A laser focus on customer engagement and success will excite and sustain employers as collaborators in their employee health and well-being.

Wellness Through Technology.

Our plug and play model brings a health, enhanced experience to you, while removing the challenge of providing/updating technology out of your hands. 

Weight alone is not an accurate reflection of changes in your body shape. We pull information from body composition machines and scientific calculations based on user input to move beyond the scale and see what your body is made of from the inside out.

Target and track BMI, BMR, lean body mass, body fat percent age and key data points of measurements.

Chart for each measurement with no dates but just results Current/Goal/Difference all on one view

Our Technology, Integration and Engagement serve to unite your corporate wellness solutions

toward improving employee experience and the overall health of your company.

Integration that goes beyond the basics for
impeccably timed, highly personalized engagement

Wearables & Connected Fitness

Clinical In-Home Medical Devices

Health Data Aggregators & Kiosks

Workforce wellness challenges encourage workers to make small lifestyle changes that greatly improve their health. Challenges using gamification can be developed to increase physical activity, promote better nutrition, improve overall emotional health or lower risk factors.

My Community facilitates conversation around health and wellness education and the sharing of everyday tips and trends. Using My Community also increases engagement among co-workers and helps them to build a culture of collaboration.