2018-10-30 Kindness

KINDNESS: The Power of Silence and Saying, “Thank you.”

Beth shares situations where the power of silence or saying "Thank you" might be better in certain relationships with others.

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2018-10-09 Kindness

KINDNESS: Setting Goals For Positive Attitude Month

Beth shares that October is National Positive Attitude Month and she is setting attainable goals to practice more kindness.

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2018-10-03 Kindness

KINDNESS: Getting Along Starts With Accepting Our Differences

Beth takes a look at how getting along with others starts with accepting our differences and what makes our diversity a good thing.

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2018-09-05 Kindness

KINDNESS: Replacing the Negative Self-Talk with Self-Love

Jillian shares how replacing the negative self-talk we have with ourselves with positive self-love and affirmations that lift us up.

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