2018-11-03 Family

FAMILY: Remembering Our Family Cross Country Trip

Beth is having fun remembering her family cross country road trip that happened in 1999.

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2018-10-03 Family

FAMILY: Coping with the Effects of After-School Restraint Collapse

Dorothy shares how the transition to work has been with coping with the effects of after-school restraint collapse at home.

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2018-10-02 Family

FAMILY: Downsizing – Taking a Look at My Family’s Heirlooms

Beth shares her and her husband's journey with downsizing and selling their home and finding her family's heirlooms while packing.

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2018-09-13 Family

FAMILY: Mother Knows Best – Heeding My Mom’s Advice

Beth shares how her mother knows best and how she has been heeding her mom's advice well into her adulthood years.

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