2018-12-08 Aging

Birthday Reflections Are A Blessing

Tam, Founder of She's It, reflects on birthday blessings and how she celebrates each year by writing a letter of reflection.

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2018-10-05 Aging

AGING: A Surprise Diagnosis Leads to Rethinking My Aging Journey

Judy got a surprise diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma cancer that led her to start rethinking her aging journey and what comes next.

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2018-10-03 Aging

AGING: How I’m Aging Gracefully After the Big 4-0

Alyssa shares her journey on how I'm aging gracefully after turning the big 4-0. It can be quite a change but she's got it!

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2018-08-18 Aging

AGING: Dealing With My Mom’s Memory Loss – Accepting the Challenges

Abby is dealing with her mom's memory loss and signs of dementia. She's learning to start accepting the challenges of whatever comes next.

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