2020-04-14 News Updates

LATEST NEWS UPDATES – 4/14/20 Envision2bWell Inc Achieves HIPPA Verification Envision2bWell Inc®, a SaaS model holistic digital health & wellness company, is pleased to announce that they have achieved full compliance with the federally regulated standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), verified by the Seal of Compliance®. HIPPA is made up […]

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2020-04-12 Spirituality

Faith Matters…

FAITH MATTERS! No matter what your religion (or non-religion) is, everyone has FAITH. Everyone can get in touch with their SPIRITUAL selves. It’s important…particularly in troubling times when STRESS and ANXIETY can take us to new depths of loneliness and feelings of despair. Dig deep to grasp onto something to keep you going. This too […]

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2020-04-07 Health

This Week is National Public Health Week Today’s theme is Maternal and Child Health. There are some statistics put out by the American Public Health Association that are very important and should be sent to any woman you know so she can tell another and they can tell another. Some of the facts and statistics […]

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2020-03-24 Health

Self-quarantine for Coronavirus 2020

By Carol M. Pate Ed.D At Envision2bWell, Inc., we are mission driven to provide health and wellness information and data.  As COVID-19 makes its way around the world and through communities, it’s incumbent on all of us to understand the terminology being bandied around by experts, stay calm, and take the necessary precautions for the […]

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