Psychics to Science – Connections of Past Life Regression & DNA Test

In my search for myself and my place in all things past and future, I’ve stumbled on a tenuous, wholly unproven, connection between the spiritual, psychological and scientific approaches to ancestry. Years ago, I underwent hypnosis to discover my past lives.  No joke. My best friend and I visited a local psychic on a regular basis.  Our psychic was trained in Reki healing, hypnosis and, I don’t know this for a fact but I firmly believe she had some clinical counseling training too.  Like most of our peers, we were interested in knowing more about ourselves and our relationship to all things past and present.   One year, for my birthday, my friend gave me the gift of past life regression.  While I wasn’t ever anyone famous, I did begin life as a Neanderthal female or so I gathered from the tape of my session.


Because I began in the early stages of humanity, it is easy to imagine that I lived hundreds of lives both as a woman and a man.


The experience remains one of my favorite birthday gifts and whether one believes in reincarnation or the veracity of past life regression or not, the process is interesting and fun.  Yet, I don’t think about it often, nor do I still have the recording from the session, however, a recent occurrence triggered the memory. DNA testing to be precise.   My mother gave my sisters and I each a DNA test.  Someone asked why we were all having ours done and the answer is because we all inherited different genetic traits from our parents and ancestors so as a group we might get a clearer picture of our genetic history.  Like the millions of others who are plunking down $99 to see who they are, I still have a desire to know more about myself and my relationship to all things past and present.   I’ve had a past life regression session and I’ve had my DNA tested and matched against my mother and my sisters.  The picture of who we are is beginning to come together but here’s where things get a bit spooky.   Remember that in my hypnotic state (over 20 years ago), I believed that I began life as an early human.   Last month I received the results of my DNA test and other than receiving confirmation of things I already knew from family histories, it provided a report on Neanderthal variants.


“Neanderthals were ancient humans who interbred with modern humans before becoming extinct 40,000 years ago. This report tells you how much of your ancestry can be traced back to Neanderthals.”


According to 23andMe, I have 280 Neanderthal variants, more than 53% of 23andMe customers.  “23andMe customers with Neanderthal variants (they test 1436 markers) have a direct Neanderthal ancestor – a grandparent to the 250th degree. What that means is still uncertain, but it’s fascinating to think that we may have inherited some of our traits and behaviors from them.”   From psychic to science.  Did my past life regression really show me who I was in a former life or did it open a gateway to my genetic history?  Carl Jung may have been on to something when he wrote, “The collective unconscious comprises in itself the psychic life of our ancestors right back to the earliest beginnings.”


It might be possible that psychic experience is only a connection to the “collective unconscious” and that what we “see” is not who we were in past lives but how we became.


DNA testing in itself is still in its infancy as a determining factor for ethnicity. Quite frankly, the tests we take today only match markers against those found in other groups.  The reports are based on the % of matches for particular groups.  For instance, I know that my great-grandfather was from Sicily so it makes sense that I had a 17.8% match to markers found in people from Italy.  Because of inter-marriage who really knows how many of those similar makers are really “Italian”?   The science is still murky and may become murkier as more and more people are joining in, but combined with the psychic or spiritual and psychology, it becomes far more interesting.  Jung thought that psychologists could learn about the collective unconscious by studying religions and spiritual practices of all cultures, as well as belief systems like astrology.   What would happen if scientists were able to connect the psychological and the spiritual to their studies of the human genome and ancestral mapping?  My experience may only be coincidence but then again… Scientists may be able to prove the existence of the collective unconscious, while at the same time, develop a form of psychic time travel supported by DNA evidence.


“The whole mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious.”
Carl Jung, Collected Works vol. 8 (1960)


Margye!  Director of Corporate Development


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