Seeking the Right Answers


People who are on the journey of losing weight and bettering their overall health often don’t know where to turn to for accurate information.


With all of the new diet trends out in the world, where do you begin to make healthy food choices? Take a deep breath and relax because where there is an open mind to knowledge, there is a way! 


Let me start off with telling you the truth about the most common dieting myths. These are myths that as a nutritionist and trainer I have had countless clients approach me about. After shedding light on the truth, I have helped them achieve amazing results and you can follow suit!


Eat Only When You Are Hungry


Waiting to eat until you are hungry could seriously be the worst thing for your diet. When you finally eat, you will end up eating more because of waiting for so long. Then, you end up eating larger meals less frequently which can seriously hinder your metabolic rate.


Avoid a sluggish metabolic rate by choosing to eat small frequent meals throughout the day, approximately every 2-3 hours. You will find yourself less hungry as a result while not having a rollercoaster of moods. 


You Can Eat What You Want and Still Lose


In a dream world, we would eat whatever we want, whenever we want and we would still lose weight.  But this cannot be further from the truth because if you are eating French fries, candy and donuts daily—regardless of whether you eat smaller portion sizes—these choices will halt your weight loss or possibly cause you to gain weight. Eat healthy meals consistently and the occasional treat will not break your diet.


Eat a Low Carbohydrate Diet to Get Shredded


There are many misconceptions on dieting, like references to carbs as being bad. So many dieters think that to lose weight and see definition you should eliminate or dramatically lower your carbohydrate intake. To see definition, you need to eat the right kind of carbs: complex carbs.


So, choose the whole grain option when available to fuel your body and your workouts each day! Small changes add up to make a big difference!


It Costs More to Eat Healthy


There is a large myth that eating healthy will cost a great deal more money. You should look at the other side of the argument. If you look at the prices of all the unhealthy snacks you purchase and the doctor’s visits from getting sick due to a poor diet, they can both add up to cost a lot as well.


I guarantee that the healthier food choices cost less in the long run. Look at the bigger picture and I promise that you will begin to choose the greens and complex carbs before the cookies. Eliminating processed foods will help you to save money while slimming down!


When You Exercise, You Need More Protein


As a trainer and nutritionist, I have countless clients that come to me asking how much they should increase their protein because of their increased exercise level. There is so much conflicting information on this, it can be confusing! Surprisingly, for the average exerciser, the answer is nothing. Unless you are a professional athlete, the recommended daily allowance for protein is adequate. If you want to build more muscle, you can increase our intake slightly but you don’t need a lot. Too much protein is stored as fat—so be smart in your food choices and stick to your healthy eating plan.


Late Night Snacking Causes Weight Gain


Oftentimes, people on a weight-loss plateau or those just beginning their journey turn to eliminating late night snacking. If you are snacking on chips and unhealthy foods, it might be a good idea to cut out that habit (as tempting as it may be!). But if you are eating veggies, salads and low carb healthy snacks in the evening, it is perfectly fine. In fact, you will wake up less famished the next day.


Don’t feel like late night snacks are the enemy to results. Just eat smarter!


Meat is the Only Essential Protein


There are numerous sources of lean protein like eggs, milk and yogurt (especially the Greek varieties) and lean meat that can help you to meet your daily requirement of protein. Just make sure that if you pair your protein with a carb, that it’s a complex carb like brown rice. You do not have to eat red meat that can cause you to feel boggled down. Eating lean protein and complex carbs can help you to stay on track to losing weight and feeling great!


Are you feeling less intimidated by these common dieting myths? What tips do you have for someone starting their healthy wellthy journey?



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,