Healthy Eating for All!


Everyone should take care of their health, but this is especially integral for those on the go. Let’s face it, when we are always on the go, we can suppress our immune system, leading us to get sick. Busy women need to make eating healthy a priority. 


Eating healthy is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and your family. By eating healthy you will boost your immune system, maintain energy levels and feel great! But how can you cook healthy without spending endless hours in the kitchen? As a certified personal trainer, business owner and mother of four, I can lend some helpful tips on how busy women can enjoy healthier meals without spending all their spare time in the kitchen.


Start the day the right way with steel cut oats


Start the day with a balanced breakfast. Oatmeal is a heart-healthy breakfast that stabilizes your glucose level and helps you to feel full longer, making this a great way to start the day.


Add a spoonful of pumpkin or peanut butter for some added protein. This is one of the best healthy options for breakfast and easy for busy women to make! Sometimes I put oatmeal in a crockpot with cinnamon, raisons and apples. After cooking for several hours overnight, we awake to the smell of cinnamon and a healthy breakfast for all! This is survival for the healthiest.


Use whole foods as ingredients


One of best ways to eat healthy is to cook whole foods that taste great, all while nourishing your body. Buy local foods when available to support local crops. These foods have a greater nutritional value and they also taste great. And you do not have to spend countless hours preparing, they taste great fresh. Nothing feels better than eating a fresh healthy meal.


There is a mega pay off when you start to see your abdominal muscles because of your healthy eating! My clients are always amazed at what a difference healthy eating can make in your results.


So, choose what goes in your mouth wisely! I always think of the saying, “You are what you eat.” There is truth to this!


Try some healthy crock-pot recipes


Crock pot recipes are wonderful because they taste great without spending all day in the kitchen, perfect for busy women. Stock up on recipes that include fresh vegetables and fresh spices to better your health and your waistline. Look like a diva when you serve your healthy meal that will look like you spent all day making in the kitchen!


Pack a brown bag lunch


When on the go, or at work, do not purchase lunch out. Bring a brown bag lunch so you can control every ingredient and ensure it is healthy. I guarantee you will be glad that you did! Some brown bag options are Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, apples with peanut butter, veggie or turkey burgers, mixed green salads, carrots with hummus and hard-boiled eggs. To jazz up your brown bag lunch, pack a healthy smoothie to complete your meal!


Make a few meals in advance


Because of my busy schedule, I find making a few meals on Sunday for the week to be more convenient and this takes stress off my week. You can make your grilled chicken that can easily be sliced and tossed on a salad or on the side of your veggies for dinner.


Prepare in advance so you will eat healthier throughout the week. This will take a load of stress off your busy week!


Navigate the outside of the grocery store


The perimeters of the store are where food tends to be the healthiest and you can avoid the terrible Ps: packaged and processed. I try to steer from the inside of the store because this is the trouble zone. Many times, you may wind up with cookies in your cart because you stepped into the trouble zone. So, steer clear of this area and focus on vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. You will be glad you made these shopping choices when as a result, you will not have to do squats to loosen up your skinny jeans!


Make eating healthy fun


Let’s face it: eating healthy is as fun as we make it. If we eat plain salad consisting of spinach and tomatoes it will be boring—but if we add some almond slivers, peppers, fresh cranberries and a light dressing, it is delicious! Make eating healthy fun so you will achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals you deserve without depriving yourself!


If you utilize the healthy eating tips I provided you can transform your body and better your health. Follow my healthy plan so you can better your health, feel better and have more energy, all while rocking your busy schedule!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,