Women Less Likely to want to know Body Stats

We recently exhibited at the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Health Expo. The excitement to be accepted by Disney and bring our message about a HEALTHy WELLthy Journey was over the top for our team. We were giving FREE Body Composition readouts…..at a HEALTH EXPO for registrants who were going to run/walk/sprint at the Disney Marathon event.

 What we found was startling differences between how men and women feel when it comes composition info about their bodies:

Women were less likely to want to get even a FREE body composition readout

  • Men were more likely to get the readout, no matter what size they were. In fact, we had several over 400 lbs get the body composition readout.
  • Women tended to say negative things about their bodies like “I already know I’m fat” or “I don’t need a readout to tell me I’m unhealthy.”
  • Men tended to say what they could improve but not be negative
  • Women didn’t want anyone, even their friends, to see or hear the results of their readout.
  • Men tended to go get another friend or family member to do the readout.

What does this all mean? Well, I’m not one to voice my opinion about how other feel (or should feel) about something as personal as their health. But the facts showed that once we had the opportunity to spend some time with women who took the readout, they welcomed the information and wanted to know more.

Data Access and YOUR Healthy Journey

HEALTHCARE has lagged behind when it comes to the sharing of data that can provide ongoing lasting information for a healthy lifestyle VERSUS treatment.


There is no one-solution fits all anything. Everybody is Different and Every “BODY” is Different. Sometimes you need help that goes beyond the metrics in a wearable device, a gym membership or even a personal trainer. And with a polarized Washington not working together for real affordable healthcare solutions, it’s time for something that will bring us more in tune with the state of our health and bodies.


This is why we partnered with the World Leader in Body Composition Analysis, InBody. Body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, body water and basal metabolic rate will now be available to view in their mobile phone for our SheAPP members. Having body composition data that you have with you always, and not just from a printout or by having to go to a doctor or pay an expensive gym fee, allow you to  track your changes through the My Personal Body Blueprint feature on our mobile app. And the best part is that the app will sync with other wearables that track typical data like steps, water, sleep and more. This means that if you’re an Apple Watch lover and don’t want to use another wearable that may track the data you want, you can still wear your Apply Watch.


The combination of the features of SheAPP will provide a Well-Being Experience that is engaging, resourceful and fun.


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