My Wrinkles, My Journey


A face once soft without lines started to change after four kids, lots of laughs, squinting from the sun, serious looks when thinking or disciplining the children and the overall activities of life.


As I aged, there was a shift from soft and innocent to lived and matured. From my face one could see where I was and where I was going.


Life certainly had me on a roller coaster of happiness, lessons and milestones. From this map, you could tell I had lived and for these experiences and I am very grateful. You see, as women we are hard on ourselves and we often do not give ourselves a break with these signs of aging. Many of us look for perfection. We look at how we can improve and be better instead of being content. I am not saying there is anything wrong with self-improvement but I just think we need to embrace the travel of life. For this active, busy, exciting life I am grateful.


What story does your face tell?




My freckles show the many summers we spent down the shore at my grandparent’s where I rode my bike from morning to night. I’ll always remember the many days that I was outside playing tag with my cousins or heading to a local deli on our bikes for lunch. My freckles also show my many runs outdoors logging high mileage in preparation for marathon training.


I am proud of this story. I earned these freckles and they are part of my journey navigating through life. What about you?


Crow’s Feet


With every giggle and smile, you naturally squint and over time it seems like crow’s feet magically appear. How in the world did these wrinkles set in and you seem to show your age almost overnight? It is almost like the fairy of age zapped your face while you were sleeping! These wrinkles of time tell your story of happiness.


Every time you found yourself laughing and every smile you gave to your friends and family left the remains on your face. This is a sign of your happy lifetime experiences. Look at the glass as half full and continue to smile as you live life to the fullest!


Bunny Lines


Do you slightly wrinkle and scrunch your nose when you laugh or smile, kind of like a bunny? When your child does something funny or your significant other tells you a joke, this is your natural reaction. Or when you are just being cute.


Over years of many nose scrunches, you have developed wrinkles across your nose. These wrinkles are probably only something you notice as you hone in on every detail of your face. Or you may notice this as you apply your makeup and see that some of your foundation gets lost in these lines.


Do not stress, critique or wish these lines were gone because they are a beautiful part of aging gracefully. Your nose scrunches, giggles and laughter are all for good reason—you are living a joyful life. Go out and continue to feel joy and happiness!




Every long thought or deep exploration of the mind has brought you the elevens. If you are not familiar with the elevens, they are the two vertical lines in between your eyes. I have very deep elevens when I am writing or having a super serious conversation with my older two daughters. They appear to be a residue that is part of my face forever because of deep thought.


If you have these wrinkles, be glad that you had something you cared about so much to have formed them. Be thankful in your ability to focus and hone in on something. Appreciate the changes of life because they add up to a map of your journey.


Remember that it is fine if you want to stay on top of the latest wrinkle cream and take care of your face. I also want you to try to give yourself a break. Do not be so hard on yourself because of the signs of age your face may show.


These lines tell a story; they are a map of where you have been and if there are many routes, it is likely that you too are enjoying the journey of life. Go ahead and smile, scrunch, concentrate and laugh because every day is most certainly a gift. Be thankful for this gift each day!



Tara Zimliki is a nationally recognized weight loss expert, personal trainer, health coach, health writer and founder of Tara’s Bootcamp, the Premiere Bootcamp of New Jersey. Tara also runs her own blog,