Our Mission is to Democratize Social Health Empowerment for 360° Well-Being

It’s not a FAD!

It’s not a DIET!

It’s not a WEARABLE!


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Our Team

A mission driven company is only as good as the people who are behind the scenes. Our small global team of committed professionals aim to change the world with Social Health Empowerment through incredible Lifestyle Technology products and SHEcontent to keep you Engaged, Learning and Motivated on your Healthy Wellthy Journey.

Tam Williams, GPHR, PMP

Founder and President She’s It.

SHEapp Technology Visionary.

Carol M. Pate, Ed.D., EVP & Partner

SHEcontent Head Conversationalist & Scholar

Faizan A. Chughtai, Head of Mobile Apps Development

Lifestyle Technology Connector Extraordinaire.

Margye Solomon, Director Business Relationships

Affiliate Program oversight and Women in Business SME

Julia Ankudinova, Head of Emotional Design & User Experience

The Design Whisperer! That says it all!!!

Our Belief

We believe that Knowledge, Support, Access and Autonomy (KSAA™ pronounced KIS-AHH) is what makes a difference in anything you do. Our integrated lifestyle platform saves you time and provides relevant impactful information, so you can Engage, Learn and be Motivated for a healthier you. It’s not about anyone else.

It’s Your Body. Your Data. Your Health. Your Life!

Our Writers